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What's your #impossibleexperiences #Competition?

Walking down Amen’s Corner at Augusta, Kate Beckinsale puts her finger n the air to test the wind direction and suggests a 4 iron shot into the green from the Bermuda grass. This is an experience that you just can’t buy! It would never happen because we all know it’s a 5 iron into the green from there. Having first met at the club, after a long conversation it was decided that the winner of a putting competition would caddy for the next. Having holed out a 30ft putt on the last, Kate being my caddy became my #impossibleexperiences and after passing over my dirty clubs, proceeded to clean along with my shoes. You see #impossibleexperiences can become reality and while the above is a dream! It doesn’t mean that playing golf with a well-known celebratory isn’t one of my first choices. If it was also somewhere filled with sun and with my friends too I think that’s my complete experience right there. Hopefully your creative juices are flowing and this has given you an idea of what an Impossible Experience can look like. The guys over at IntoTheBlue.co.uk have created a competition where your inventive idea can now help fill up their Impossible Experience section. Not only do you win an amazing prize but there’s the possibility of your design becoming a reality.

All you have to do is use a bit of imagination and come up with an experience that you would love to see – regardless of how crazy it is. If needs be, use the ones we have concocted for a bit of inspiration. To send your ideas into us, simply tweet or Facebook them with #impossibleexperiences and you will appear on our social wall at the bottom of this page. This will display everyone’s ideas and be a place to fuel discussion and invention. What’s more, simply by sending your Impossible Experiences into us, you will automatically be in with a chance of winning a prize. Those who produce our favourite #impossibleexperiences will receive an actual £200 IntoTheBlue gift voucher to spend on experience days you can physically go on. Visit their site for more details to enter and good luck! https://www.intotheblue.co.uk/impossible-experiences/

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