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How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Is your company’s carbon footprint getting a bit too big for its boots? Is the way your company does business the lead contributor to this, or are there other factors involved that could easily be cut out? If your company is itself contributing to climate change by acting out any number of the common causes for it, then they should be eradicated by you. First of all, you should take time out of your busy schedule to evaluate your company’s current carbon consumption. If you think that evaluating it may be difficult, rest assured that it is easier to do than saying ‘your company’s current carbon consumption’ three times in a row quickly. You can hire any number of experts in the field to come into your workspace and assist you, like an emissions-conscious office manager. If you feel that this whole process may be a few hours wasted that could have been spent furthering your financially status, then, to be frank, you need to begin to start recognising the seriousness of your company’s carbon footprint. By working out and identifying the current number of greenhouse gases that your company generates, you will be able to work towards creating a strategic plan to follow, rather than just throwing the odd bit of trash in the recycling every now and again.   And if you think that doing so will have a negative effect on your wallet, then think again. The first stage in this strategic plan should be to give your office and energy upgrade, and it really doesn’t have to cost that much at all. It can include having your windows upgraded, painting heating systems around the area and simply switching the way you light the area up to energy-saving light bulbs. You should also seek to cut down on the amount of printing that takes place in your workplace area as this makes for a huge toe in the carbon footprint. Managed print services, the likes of which are provided by Xeretec, reduce the emissions that are induced by printing and the rapid consumption of paper. Doing any numbers of these things can yield a return on investment too, so what are waiting for? Showing customers and clients that your company is doing everything in its power to remain climate efficient could be pivotal in building your brand and making foundations in the business world. It could be the difference when a prospective customer has to choose between you, and your competition. Knowing that they are dealing with a company that takes the state of which the world finds itself in seriously, could prove to them that you are a company that takes everything they do seriously. But you don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, it’s best not: completely switching everything in your office to their energy efficient versions at one time could result in you and your workforce losing interest in the venture quickly and make it feel like a ‘flash in the pan’. It is best to integrate your strategic solutions in steadily, yet not too quickly. When it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, just take it in baby steps.]]>

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