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Alice in Wonderland at the Storyhouse Theatre Chester

When you get invited to the opening of a new show at the theatre you jump at the chance! It’s not been a nice week, work has been stressful, I’m still feeling a bit low about the funeral and my ankle is still killing me from the walk. So when Friday comes around I normally just want to go home, but this time I really did. There was however a little beacon of light in an invitation to go to the opening of the new Alice in Wonderland show at the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester. Chester is somewhere that we all love as a family and on hearing that it’s a family orientated show with other kids we decide to say yes. Taking Dorothy to her first show and Beth to her 100+ performance, it was the first “Evening Out” that we’ve had to something like this and what an experience. Firstly the theatre is amazing and we’ll definitely be going back for their outdoor performances. Now I have to warn you, taking a toddler into a theatre isn’t easy and I was lucky Mrs P was there, as she took Dottie out for about half the show as she was very excitable which was great but loud. In an intimate venue like that, we didn’t want to ruin anyone’s experience. The show was just amazing and a real good twist on the traditional story. It was a great experience, the acting was funny and the accents and jokes just made it brilliant. When your 14 year old indie teenager is laughing her head off you know it’s pretty good. We also stopped in at “The Kitchen” for some food and was really impressed by the med menu and as you can see Dorothy was tucking in nicely.

So overall a great experience and one I’d do again in a heartbeat. Now that we know the Storyhouse Theatre is there, it’ll be on our list to keep an eye out for future family performances.


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