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Personalised Transport for Toddlers with Kiddimoto Balance Bikes

I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was seven and it meant that while everyone else was learning how to do things like wheelies and jumps, I was just about stopping myself from hitting the deck. It could be a lot worse though as on meeting my wife nearly 10 years ago, both Mrs P and Bethany couldn’t ride bikes. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of having a dad figure there to push me down hills or that my family never really did any exercise as such. So very early on in the relationship, I made it my goal to get them both riding bikes and found the perfect way, amazing new bikes! A vintage style city bike for Mrs P and an aqua full size bike for Beth. Now the learning process wasn’t easy at all as Rachel knew what pain was and Beth and I were still very new on the whole relationship front. But my was it fun! They say you shouldn’t relive your missed childhood through your children but things like being able to swim and cycling at a young age really left me behind in some of the socialising aspects of the council estate I grew up in. (Both of these things I taught Beth to do.) Now when I learnt to ride a bike, stabilisers were the safety net for some balance challenged like myself. There was no such things as balance bikes which take the best parts of beginning to ride a bike (stopping with your feet) and let you push yourself along. Perfect! Writing it out like this, basically it’s the same as when I learnt to ride a motorbike. You concentrate on keeping upright and steering as the bike has the power. Pedalling requires you to shift your weight from left to right and you have to counter your balance. But as a parent the initial question that all new gifts have is, does it need batteries and how long does it take to build? Well your questions are answered! Your child’s feet are the power and it take 8 minutes to build while also filming! Not bad at all and you don’t need any additional tools either, they’re all in the box! With the customisation the recommended ages are 2 to 5 with 5 year guarantee too (Just been advised they’ve now updated this to 10 years!). If you watch the video you can see how easy it really is. Don’t get me wrong, I ended up forgetting to put the black protector onto the handlebar connector but that was easily fixed. I did wonder why I had extra parts 🙂 I think one of the most impressive things about the balance bike is the quick release seat post. As your child grows you don’t need to worry about finding the tools to change the seat height. Winner! You’ll also have no worries with safety and style as not only do they do the bikes, but they’ve also a range of helmets, gloves and accessories that you can see Dorothy sporting. And just in case you wanted to take the whole bike riding up a notch, personalised bike and helmet give you that custom ride feels. Dorothy will now officially be queen of the kids when she finally learns to keep her balance but until then she’s going to be the coolest kid in the playground. Thanks to Kiddimoto for providing the Balance Bike, Helmet and Gloves for this review post and video.]]>

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