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How to Brighten Up Your #Garden This Year

If you have already cut the grass in your back garden once and noticed that everything has gone dull and boring, it might be time to put your DIY skills into good use and design some features that you and your family can enjoy for many summers to come. Instead of visiting your local garden centre to buy everything you need, you can simply create them and get more joy out of them at the same time. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started with giving your garden an overhaul.

Colorful Plant Pots

You don’t necessarily need to buy new plant pots if you find your existing ones boring. You might design a colorful planter that goes around them, or simply paint them. Get the kids involved and make them create the design, so they feel like they are a part of the process. Use garden scenes, such as fairies, small animals, creepy crawlies as motifs, and your patio will be transformed into a magical space in no time. Check out the Holi Colour range for stunning and vibrant, long lasting shades for outdoor use.  

Design and Erect a Pergola

A great way of transforming your space and creating shade at the same time is creating a pergola in the garden. All you need is a bit of wood and woodworking tools/skills to get started. Of course, you will need to select the color, the plants that will run up the side and the top of the pergola. If you are on a budget, you can use reclaimed materials and get seeds instead of seedlings when planting your pergola plants.

Cut Back Bushes

To make your garden look bigger than it is, you could simply cut back the bushes, hedges, and trees. Just because the tree you planted ten years ago is growing big, it doesn’t mean that you have to let it. You might have limited space in your garden, so don’t let it be taken over by shrubs and bushes.

Runner Beans and Sunflowers

A great idea that your kids will love is planting some runner beans and sunflowers along the fence. The key is that you let the sunflowers grow a foot or more before you plant the runner beans close to them (around 2 inches). Once you have the support created by the strong stem of the sunflowers, you can make all sorts of plants run up. Your obvious choice will be runner beans, as they have colorful flowers,  but there are other plants you can experiment with as well.

Wind Chimes

You could also create your own wind chimes using reclaimed materials, shells, stones, and even broken glass. They will help you create the right atmosphere for the garden party or barbecue. The shinier your wind chime is, the more light it will reflect around your garden.   If you would like to get creative and create the outdoor space your family desires, you can start these projects straight away.  ]]>

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