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Show the World Your Corporate Look

When you travel to London’s financial district, you’ll see the gherkin building, the London Eye, the huge HSBC building and the Bank of England in all its historical glory. Walking around these parts of the city will be men and women that work in business and trade. The businessman has many looks but in London you’ll find some of the most classic and best in the world. Most of the modern looks that you see corporate professionals wear, do actually come from this great city. The traditions of those that work in business, finances and trade are still visible to see just in how they dress and groom themselves. But it’s not something magical, something that you yourself cannot attain. There are several different looks you can try yourself to look more professional and business like if you pardon the pun. But where should you begin?

Start from top down

Any boardroom you ever have the pleasure of walking in will have multiple people who have the classic smart or neat hairstyle. It can be the traditional or classic side parting, but it can also be the slick back and the quiff. These are done using minimal hair products as the corporate style is to not look so shiny and gleaming. Far better to be clean and clear cut, so you don’t look like you’re in the wrong career and would much rather be on a catwalk modelling. But what do you do if you are balding or just don’t have that much hair. Don’t count yourself out just yet because you can have a hair transplant done in the modern fashion. Unlike the old procedure which essentially just grabbed patches of hair and spread them around the balding spots, now you have a much more effective technique at your fingertips.

Using the modern way, hair follicles will be taken out from the back of your head and places on top and the sides. This will allow normal hair growth to happen and soon you will have a normal hairline. You don’t need to take a week off work for the healing either. Once you have your hair back, you should style your hair in these three options. The classic side parting is very popular because it fits any head shape, but the slick back is also quite popular because you can keep your hair long but wear it short. Just make sure you have a comb with you in your suit pocket at all times for swiping back those loose hairs.

Didn’t need to make a comeback

Ever since London became the financial capital of the world, there has been one constant in men’s high end fashion. From here it has spread all across the globe and for many decades was the standard style of choice for businessman. Unfortunately in recent times the entrepreneurs from the younger generation have gone for the hoodie and baggy trousers in which they go to work in their own businesses. However it has remained a staple in the businessman’s world and always will be. We are of course talking about the three-piece suit. Call it what you want from where you hail but it’s traditionally known as a waistcoat.

What is the significance of this item of clothing you might be wondering? Functionally, the waistcoat allows the businessman to take off his jacket while sat in the office and still look sharp. Because the shirt is just one layer and underneath is bare skin, the waistcoat adds a little more masculine style to the businessman’s dress sense. It also keeps the shirt and tie in the right place as it were during the day the shirt can move about as you do if you’re not wearing a waistcoat. It also hides any creases in your shirt at the same time. However it historically, it was to keep the pocket watches of the gentry, who were the tax collectors for the monarch. As the Industrial Revolution occurred, the waistcoat began to be worn by businessmen, traders, bankers, politicians and the aristocrats. It’s a timeless piece that a businessman should wear from time to time at the least.

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Broad and strong

A lot of attention is given to a businessman’s suit. Everything from his hair to his cufflinks is thoroughly thought of. However we shouldn’t forget the shoes that you might want to wear. But what does a businessman’s shoes actually look like? They are not necessarily dress shoes, because dress shoes are not made to be worn all throughout the day. Dress shoes are much finer, higher quality and not designed to be worn while you walk up and down cobbled streets all day long while you’re at work. So what are high end shoes which can sustain a good hammering of your footsteps as you work?

The classic broad and strong Oxford’s are the answer to your troubles. These shoes are square tipped rather than triangular or acute. They are designed to be worn by somebody who wants a broad shoe to give them foot support and also able to withstand the bending of the foot all day as you step. The square of the tip means more material is used to make it strong but high quality leather is used to make it flexible as well. The Oxford has been the choice of high end shoe for James Bond in the most recent films also. You can see many businessman wearing the classic brogues but mostly the Oxfords up and down Regent Street as well as inside the City of London. They can of course be worn in traditional black or even an earthy brown. This is what separates them from dress shoes, as they cannot be worn in brown.

The businessman look is complex and steeped in history. One of the things that has always been popular in this regard is the waistcoat. Once upon a time it was for your pocket watch but today it can be worn purely for stylistic sense. The slick back and quiff are popular businessman hairstyles but the king of them all still remains, the traditional side parting.

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