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Being a busy dad and balancing work life

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As every working parent knows all too well, achieving a balance between work life and home life is never easy. Running a business can make it particularly hard to carve out time to enjoy with the kids. Family life can become riddled with guilt when you are torn between spending time with your children and putting in enough hours at work to keep your business going. 

Always feeling like you should be somewhere else is never a nice feeling, and can leave you feeling pretty drained. Although ditching the dad guilt for good may seem impossible, there are ways to keep it in check. 


When life gets busy, you need to reassess your priorities. Doing everything yourself is impossible; sometimes you need help to get things done. 

Every parent has been in situations where they need to pick their priorities. For example, you have finally got a long weekend to spend with your family, but there are also tonnes of jobs to do around the house that you have never gotten around to. In this situation, you will need to choose between spending your weekend tackling the tasks at home or instead decide to enjoy family time. Don’t be afraid to call in the services of a decorator if you don’t have time to repaint the house yourself. If you need to clear out the garage, or get rid of the mess in the garden but never find the time to do it, call in a rubbish removal company to get the job done. Organising for these jobs to be done for you, means that they are no longer yet another item on your to-do list, and frees you up to enjoy your family time.

Be Present

Wherever you are, make sure that you are genuinely there. This means that if you are at the park with the kids, you are actually with them, and not constantly checking work emails. If you have promised the kids that you will take them out, don’t spoil it by being there in person, but leaving your mind back in the office. 

Making sure that you are present with the kids isn’t just for their benefit, it is good for you too, as it creates a divide between work life and home life, and ensures that you give them both your full attention depending on the situation.

Manage Your Time

Finding a time management method that works for you can be a gamechanger. Being as productive and organised as possible during the working day will help to avoid an overspill of work in your free time at home.

You may find that getting into the office an hour earlier each morning allows you to achieve lots before you even open for the day. Or perhaps, only checking emails twice a day will free up more time to get stuck into bigger pieces of work. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but once you have found something that works for you, you’re onto a winner!

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