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Family Activities You Should Try This Weekend

Trying to come up with fun and exciting things to do as a family each weekend can be a challenge.

We spend all week long working hard to make their lives easier and then by friday night we have no brain power left to muster up any inspiration. But don’t fret mums and dads, because we have a few awesome ideas for you to try this weekend.
Camping in the garden
Kids love adventure, and they love to feel as if they are exploring new territory and conquering new skills. Camping is a great way to do this, but we don’t always want to go all the way to the wilderness for a camping adventure, and we don’t have to. Take a look at Trailers for Sale and use one to create an outside bed for the kids for the evening. You can set up a fire in a safe location and show the kids how to toast marshmallows, and they can sit in the trailer watching the stars when it gets dark. It can be a fun evening or overnight activity and on which is also cheap to do.
Family movie night
The biggest nightmare for any parent at the weekend is the rain, and in the winter especially we end up with a lot of snow, hail, rain and ice outside. Finding ways to keep the kids occupied indoors is hard, but a movie day and night can be ideal. Make some popcorn and other snacks, cover the windows with blankets to make it feel like a cinema, and enjoy a movie marathon! You can even take this one step further and make a fort for the kids to sit in.
Craft day
If you are having a rainy day and you need an activity to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours, the ideal thing would be to cover the kitchen table with a sheet and getting out the paints, glitter and sequins and let them go mad. You can either give them a challenge such as making a painting of an animal, or just let them be as creative as they like and make whatever they want!
Make your own food
One of the things you can do with your kids during the weekend which can be fun as well as educational is to teach them how to cook. Set up a few stations for each person in the family and make a pizza dough with the kids. Once you have done this you can lay out different toppings and they can choose what they want to use on their creation. You can show them how long pizza takes to cook and it can be a fun way of getting them to eat a good meal on a saturday evening.  
Visit a farm
If the day is sunny and bright, a fun activity you can do to educate the kids and give them something to look forward to would be a trip to the farm. They can spend the morning petting chicks and sheep and you can educate them on where meat and eggs come from. It will be a valuable way to spend the morning and it can be a good way to get out of the house for a few hours. ]]>

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