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How to Help Your Wife Regain Her Self Esteem After Giving Birth to the Second Baby

Between 30% and 70% of new mothers suffer from low self-esteem after childbirth. This may be due to the body changes such as hormonal imbalance, weight gain, or the stress of raising a newborn. Some women may even feel inadequate, and it’s also stressful when they have a demanding business or job to attend to. As a husband, you’ve probably noticed the pressures your wife is facing, and it helps to reassure and remind her of your love and commitment. Also, assist her in rebuilding her self-esteem. How can you do it?

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Celebrate Her

Let her know you love, care, and appreciate her for the effort she makes for her family. Honor the mother of your children and celebrate her for the effort and pain she had to endure to birth the family’s newest addition. Let her know your love has not changed, and she still looks beautiful. Affirm your words by getting her a gift such as a 2 carat diamond ring. Women love gifts, especially diamonds, and she will be ecstatic. Also, there is no better and meaningful way of showing your love than with a precious gift.

Take Her Out More Often

Kids and work can keep you busy, but you need to take a break, step out of the house and enjoy time together, away from all the distractions. Plan to be doing it more often if she is a stay at home mum. If she misses the outdoors, what better way to enjoy time away from the kids but with the man she loves most.

Help Her Focus on Personal Goals

Has she been hinting or directly talking about joining a local gym, starting a business, or going back to work? Working on her goals gives her a sense of achievement, which makes her happier and improves her self-esteem. If she wants to cut down some weight, let her enroll in a local gym and take care of the children when she is away.

If she wants to start a business, you can go through the strategy and get a plan that works for everyone. She can operate the business from home then gradually grow it into a location of its own. Support her with the finances, time, plans, and most importantly, with your approval and encouragement.

Help with the Kids

Taking care of a newborn, especially for the first weeks, is challenging, and when you have another child who needs your attention, it can be overwhelming. Your wife needs the break to rest, take care of herself and get a few hours of sleep. Plan your work schedule to get more time for the kids and let her rest. You can even encourage her to go for a walk, drive or meet some friends. Apart from getting a much-needed rest, she will appreciate that you care about her and the kids.

The postpartum period can be challenging, but your wife can bounce back to her old self and be healthier and happier with your support.

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