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Easy New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Kids

With the arrival of the new year is something that we all love to do. Whether you’ve had a terrible 12 months and you’re searching for an opportunity to start fresh, or you’ve had a wonderful year, and you’re looking forward to new experiences, a party is a great way to close the most recent chapter in your life. Unfortunately, planning a new year’s eve party isn’t always easy.

If you’re hosting an event for adults, it will usually revolve around singing, alcohol, and a lot of ridiculous party games. But what about when you want to help your kids enjoy the arrival of the new year too? Here are some great ideas to get you started. 

  1. Have a Mock Countdown

There’s a good chance your kids are going to be too young to stay up past midnight without some tears and tantrums. With that in mind, set your mock countdown for a few hours earlier than usual. You can change the clocks so that they strike 12 at the time that you choose instead, and let your kids celebrate just as they would at midnight. 

Hand out plenty of party hats, confetti, and noisemakers to give your kids a chance to go wild when the ball drops. This gives your kids a chance to feel like they’re really part of an adult celebration, while still ensuring that they get to bed on time. 

  1. Consider Some Gifts

Gifts aren’t always a thing at New Year’s Eve parties for adults, but they can be an excellent idea if you want to get your kids excited about the new year. Think about getting your children a gift that will help them to feel thrilled about what might be coming next in their lives. For instance, you could book a trip and inform your kids about where they’re going to be travelling to next year. 

Another option is to give your kids something that will help them to learn a new skill and follow up on some new year’s resolutions. For instance, you could all agree to try learning a new language together, or maybe you’ll decide to get out every week and work on improving your tennis skills. 

  1. Toast the Big Night

Kids love being a part of the New Year toast almost as much as adults. You can’t give your kids a glass of champagne or wine to celebrate the night, but you can offer them something that they find equally delicious. A glass of sparkling fizzy pop could make them feel like they’re drinking a more “adult” beverage, particularly when it’s poured into a special flute or glass. 

Alternatively, you could create some delicious hot chocolate drinks, complete with edible sparkles and marshmallows that make the night feel extra special. A warm drink could be just what your kids need on a cold night, and it’s a great way to get them settled down for sleep too. 

  1. Have Midnight Snacks

Just because your kids aren’t going to stay up until midnight, doesn’t mean that they’re going to pushing themselves past their bedtime. If your child is staying up later than usual, make sure that he or she is ready for the hunger pangs that are likely to hit later on. Stick with foods that aren’t going to upset your child’s stomach when they settle down for sleep later. 

Light snacks like popcorn are an excellent option, or you can play around with trail mix and New Year’s Cookies that you made earlier in the day. Snuggling up and watching a movie can be just as fun as dancing the night away if you have the right snacks handy. Ask for your kids to help you make the snacks so they can look forward to them later. 

  1. Have a Family Slumber party

Why not make the night really feel like a blast with your own awesome slumber party. If you have little girls, then it could be an excellent opportunity to hand out some face masks and make your youngsters feel properly pampered before the start of the new year’s. You could even treat everyone to some matching new PJs to help the evening feel special. 

If you want to make the night even more special, consider inviting other friends and family members over so you can all enjoy the event. You can roll out sleeping bags and throw cushions on the floor if you don’t have enough beds handy. 

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