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How and Why to Start a Company Sports Team

Your job is primarily about the work that needs to be done, sure, but it’d be wrong to think that that’s all it is. If that were the case, there would be no Christmas parties, no work friendships, nothing leisurely whatsoever — and that’s just not the case. Rather than be distracting from work, these extra-work activities boost the company in various ways. One of the best non-work activities a company can have is a sports team. Below, we’ll run through why you want to make this a thing at your business, as well as offer advice on how you can do it. 

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It Boosts Relationships

The driving force behind setting up a sports team at your company won’t be the physical fitness or the chance for glory that it provides, but the relationships that it’ll bolster. While many work colleagues are polite with one another, they’re not always as close as they could be. And this isn’t through lack of desire, it’s just you can’t really become too friendly when you’re primarily working. A sports club changes that. The employees will have fun, and have the chance to spend time with one another in a more relaxed environment. Slowly but surely, that familiarity will transfer to the workplace. 

Find Your Sport

OK, but perhaps you’re already sold on the idea of setting up a sports team. In which case, the question that’ll remain will be: what sport are you going to play? There is, of course, no shortage of options — but it’s true that certain sports lend themselves to workplace teams better than others. Generally, you’ll want to pick something that requires minimal amounts of equipment, which people have an interest in, and which can be played with a lot of people. The obvious answer is football, but cricket and basketball can also be options.

Take It Seriously

If you’re going to get the interest of other employees, then you’ll need to take it seriously. Without an organiser, these things tend to fall by the wayside before they’ve even begun. It’ll be up to you to book pitches, source equipment, and confirm that people are playing. It’s not an especially difficult or time-consuming task, but it is essential. Getting a custom designed sports kit can also add a level of fun and seriousness to the venture, too. Ultimately, while you’ll hope that this idea turns out to be fun, you will have to take things seriously in the early days!

Maintaining Momentum 

One of the problems with corporate sports teams, indeed all sports teams, is that it’s sometimes difficult to keep things going once the initial momentum and enthusiasm for the project has been lost. Hopefully the other employees will bring enough energy to keep things going, but you can also push things in the right direction by keeping things interesting. You could play in tournaments, for example. 

Get things going, and you’ll soon see plenty of benefits for the company and for the relationships between the members of staff!

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