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Teaching my Daughter to Play Golf

I used to play golf for a living, making money from teaching others how to swing a big metal stick and hit a small rubber ball.

Sounds ridiculous, but I loved it and I was amazing. Had a really good knack for understanding the swing of a pupil and taking it apart.

I’d spend hours upon hours practising, support my friends in their aims of turning professional and passing on lessons and tips when I could.

Unfortunately due to an injured shoulder, I was put out of action and had to take a back seat while others got better.

15 years on and I enjoy a good game but it’s my opportunity to pass on my passion to my youngest (Beth was a natural but didn’t have the interest).

So last weekend, we took the smallest of golf clubs down to the local pitch and putt to have a lesson from me 🙂

As you can see, we’ve had an amazing time and it was difficult as first to lay down some ground rules.

The ability to stand in the right place, how to hold the golf club not to get hurt and of course, how to respect the golf course, green and others playing.

But most of all, how to have fun!

We kicked the balls onto the green to understand how they roll, we both held the club to share the feeling of swinging and the direction and Dorothy stood on my feet to align herself.

And we laughed, like you wouldn’t believe. Roll around the floor laughing.

Whether she becomes a professional like her Dad, I hope we share other days playing and sharing memories around my passion.

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