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Kinder Scout Hiking Route & Loop 10 Miles with GPX and Garmin

Preparing myself for the Macmillan Mighty Hike around Ullswater in July (26 miles), I decided to put my boots on and push myself for the first real hiking experience of the year.

No kids on this one just lots of sweat, tears and broken pain barriers. And that’s exactly what I got hiking through the most difficult terrain ever.

Following on from last year’s coast to coast, Joe and his partner Emily joined me and none of us fully expected what we got on the day:

  • A climb up a makeshift waterfall
  • Climbing over icey rocks for an hour up to the summit
  • Taking nearly 7 hours to walk 10 miles

But it was absolutely amazing, we really got to see the best that the Peak District had to offer and with snow-covered peaks, it looked stunning! Just look at the pictures below.

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