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Post-COVID19 Lockdown Golf, I Hate It!

I’ve followed all the rules of the lockdown and realise that playing golf again, in any form was a great achievement and relief.

However, I don’t like it. I hate it. It doesn’t feel like golf to me.

Golf is so much more about the social side and I think over the years it had become so common that it just became part of the game.

Never did I think that I’d long for the day I could shake the hand of an opponent after getting beat or enjoying a cold one as we wait for the slowest player in history to finish an hour behind the group in front.

For the non-golfer, the game has changed on the course as well as the handshaking and general social distancing. We now have no rakes in the bunkers which while I normally don’t hit, 8 weeks off changes your game a load! You can’t take the flag out anymore, not a big deal. The ball cleaners and benches are out of play and only 2 players could play until Monday, where more than 6 can meet outdoors.

A 4 ball may make it better as golf is so much more than hitting a ball around the course and walking after it and it’s taken me to go through a lockdown and out the other side to realise it.

So far I’ve been out and played three different courses and while I’ve had amazing games, it still didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like the golf that I know and I think it’s going to be a while till we get there.

Whatever the case, I’ll wait patiently and follow the rules, I just can’t wait until we get back to the game we love, in the way we love. If we ever do.

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