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Four Times You Shouldn’t DIY

There are so many benefits to being handy around the house. You see a job that needs doing, and you want to break out your tool kit and go and do it yourself. The thing is, there are some jobs out there that are a little beyond the reach of even the most experienced DIYers, and therefore it can help you to know when you should and shouldn’t DIY.

Not every job in the home is safe for you to do, nor is it always practical. For example, you’re not going to get ladders out to shimmy up and clean your own gutters, unless you’ve done it before and you have a spotter. Of course, this is a job you don’t want to do by yourself, but other jobs such as glow plug removal, painting the walls, and even filling and sanding down dents and scratches, can all be done by yourself. There are plenty of videos out there on the Internet to guide you in DIY, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are safe. Here are four of the times in your home life that you should never DIY and always call a professional.

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  1. When it’s to do with your electricity. If there are wires or electricity involved, and it’s not just changing the fuse in your plug, stay away from it. There are things that you can do like installing light switches and ceiling fans, and you can ensure that the mains power is off before you start those jobs. But if it comes down to rewiring the room or replacing or extending any circuits, you need a professional for that. There are even some jobs related to electricals that require a license and trained individual who has the right permits and who knows the building codes that they need to meet.
  2. When it’s to do with the roof. We mentioned cleaning your own gutters, and that’s a job that should never be done by yourself anyway. However, when it comes to repairing your roof, that’s a particularly dangerous job. Sometimes, you can do shingle work on your own, but that’s only really if you live in a one-storey home with a slope less than 20°. If there’s a sharp slope or you live in a tall house, you need a roofer. It’s so easy to fall off a roof, and getting up and down the ladder with all the tools in hand is not easy to do either. There is expertise and experience required and this is one time you shouldn’t DIY.
  3. When the sewer is backing up into your kitchen. Nobody wants to deal with plumbing work, especially if it goes beyond using a plunger in the drain. This is one time you should never DIY because it takes professional equipment and expertise to repair pipework.
  4. When your oven needs repair. Unless it’s to do with the knobs at the front or the glass paneling, you really should stay away from any job that involves a gas line in your home. This includes not just the gas stove but the furnace or water heater. Experience technicians are needed to diagnose the issue, and they have the tools to make the right repairs

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