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3 Great Options to Upgrade Your DIY Metal Workshop

Having the right set of tools in your DIY metal workshop can you open to all sorts of possibilities with metals. Basic tools can allow for basic work. So, understanding new equipment like a mini metal lathe can help you go from repairing hinges to creating beautiful pieces of metal furniture for your home. Here are 3 great options to upgrade your DIY metal workshop with today.

Angle Grinder

Many beginners already have an angle grinder, but did you know that having more than one can improve the finish of your metal work even more? Angle Grinders are great because they are so versatile and can be used to grind and cut any metal. Working towards the best finish requires an angle grinder. Do not try and get by without one or even just one. Most have found success with 2 angle grinders in their workshop.

Do not forget to stock up on different angle grinder discs as well. Different sized discs are better suited to different jobs so make sure you have the right kind of disc. They generally come in about 5 sizes. 115mm or 4 ½ inches, 125mm or 5 inches, 150mm or 6 inches, 180mm or 7 inches and 230mm or 9 inches. The smallest discs being the easiest to get a hold of. Bigger discs are generally used for thicker metal cutting so if you are doing a DIY project. Most people will be happy to stick with the smaller discs. Do not try and cut a big thick bit of metal with a small disc though. It will wear it down quicker and will not achieve the thick cut you will probably require.

Dedicated Welding Table

Having a dedicated welding table is ideal for those who want to look to working smaller parts with more precision. Doing welding work on the floor can be dangerous so make sure that you have a dedicated space to work on your metal work projects. As soon as you have the right workspace you will see your motivation rise and you will be creating awesome DIY project in no time.

Do not forget to build up some great storage options to keep your welding area tidy as well. Having an organized area to weld away at can really help you lock into what you are doing and remove distractions. You can then focus your energies to creating some cool DIY metal work. 

Oxy-Acetylene Setup

With the right Oxy-Acetylene setup your DIY projects will be blown wide open. These little setups are some versatile and useful in pretty much every metalwork project you could think of doing. You need to be careful with this piece of kit though. It will be by far the most dangerous piece of equipment in your workshop.

With it though, you can cut, bend and flame anything. Quickly and easily. So, if you need to do a quick job effectively, this could be the best option. They are also very cost effective compared to MIG or TIG setups. Having that extra money in your budget can give you room to spent more on materials so you can create something great.

To conclude, upgrading the equipment in your metal workshop can open a massive range of possibilities when you embark on your DIY projects. Keeping your eye on the next piece of gear that will give you more creative flexibility will help you holistically grow as a metal worker. With tools like these you will also be able to improve the efficiency of your workflow, while maintaining a safe and productive environment.

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