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Building the Summerhouse – I Messed Up!

I’m an instantaneous person that has to have things done as quickly as possible or it’s not going to happen. Taking on projects I get instantly bored once I’m 75% there or it’s usable and I’ll put up with the 25% shortage of it being right.

The same thing happened with my pavilion. I rushed it to save money and it cost me time and quality in the long run. I plasterboarded and didn’t skim which meant I ended up doing a shoddy job with the filler and created the worse looking pavilion. What a waste!

This wasn’t the haven that I was going to make from an old mouldy shed! I wanted a platform to create amazing content, film videos, chill out with the family, share with friends or be proud of. This was a half-assed attempt at something which is my MO.

Mrs P and I conversation. My initial idea was like a wooden cabin almost like a men’s smoking den (minus the smoking), with whiskey and a comfortable chair to relax, use as a backdrop for creating magic as well as setting up a studio for photography. Everything this wasn’t.

We spoke about what was needed to get there. I mean technically it was insulated (not kingspan), boarded out, roof was on but not neatly secured,  there’s windows that I’ve covered up for insulation, doors that stick, ceiling that needs something, walls need covering properly, wiring needs finishing and ideally hidden behind the walls. So not much 🙂

First things first the walls. I gone for a wallpaper job that was so bad I ended up painting badly and it was just a bad job to cover a poor job to cover bad plaster.

Not great! The perfect idea was a pallet cladded wall. Great insulation and beautiful for pictures as well as providing the rustic look I wanted to relax in there.

So we decided to do it. This is our work haven and it needs to be perfect. So I look on the Facebook marketplace and I found a ridiculously cheap provider of pallets.


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#DIY hasn’t really been my thing. I’ve rushed stuff, got trigger happy with power tools and lost interest very easily. But back in April, I set myself the biggest challenge. To convert an old shed into a working, insulated office. I’d got so far before having to jet off for work so it was the perfect time with my week off to carry on. Today was the day the pallets went from wood to Wow! I’ve watched lots of YouTube videos on how to create a #palletwall and there’s various methods. Bracing the wall, glue or screw. To be sure I did glue and screw. Having the right equipment made this easier but my gosh, there’s so many nails! Most I bent back if they were on the pretty side, the others, painstakingly removed with pliers. I think the end result looks amazing! Now to do the best wall. What do you think? #homeoffice #corporatedad #workingdad #ukdadtribe #homeimprovement #homeinspo #inspiration #interiors #home #diy #renovationideas #renovations #renovationproject #interiordesign #renovation #palletideas #woodworking

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This is a work in progress x 10. It’s hurting me to not rush everything and just get it done! But I’ve done that already and it’s turned out shitty. So this is me doing things properly, learning along the way and finishing off with something I’m proud of. Hopefully!]]>

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