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First Day Back to School

Some kids seem to love school naturally, but they’re not all like that. Some of them hate school, are scared of it, or feel indifferent about it. If you want your kids to be as productive as possible during school time and make the transition easier, then it’s time to get them excited for it! Uniform has been a real issue lately especially if you read the daily mail. So if your children don’t need to wear an outfit be different and make their own clothes with them, to make getting ready for school really exciting! Starting a countdown can give them time to get excited, not to mention mentally prepared for the big change they are going to go through. You should do this at least a week before they are due to start. Make it a special part of the day. You can use a calendar, or something better if you have other ideas. This can really allow excitement to build – like a Christmas countdown! Encourage your kids to keep a diary (or volume like Beth calls it) of all of their favourite school memories. Buy them this at the start of the school year and encourage them to get creative with it. They could write memories or stick in materials and pictures. They can then look back on their school year easily and see how much fun they have! Sometimes, a little good old fashioned bribery could be what you need to make school exciting again. Making your kids a reward chat could give them that extra push to do their best at school. It’s up to you how you do it. Maybe you could reward them at home whenever they get rewarded at school. Maybe for each great day they have at school you give them a star, and then after so many you treat them. You could even use the trophies plus medal website to give them a real reward! Use your imagination. Reading to your kids can be a great bonding activity for you both, not to mention lots of fun! Reading to your kids every day can get them ready for school by improving their listening and communication skills. Not only that, it can enhance their creativity. Why not find some books about school to peak their excitement further? Getting your kids involved in a few activities could be a good idea too. Maybe they like gymnastics, football, or something else. Sending them to an afterschool club can be something else for them to look forward to. Just make sure you still have plenty of time for family time too! Don’t forget to praise your kids and be enthusiastic with them when they are too. They take their cues from you, so show them how proud you are!]]>

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