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Remember the Past, Look Forward to Tomorrow but Live For Today

When your family grows thanks to a new addition, it’s so important that you don’t forget the past and the past doesn’t stop you having new similar experiences in the future. Think of it like a new relationship. Just because you’ve done it all before with a previous partner doesn’t mean you can skip everything. Throughout the past 7 years, my life with Mrs P and Bethany has been a rollercoaster but at every stage, the constant and never ending desire to have fun and excitement has always been there. We’ve had some amazing experiences, gone to far away lands, turned up some gems in the farthest and closest regions of the UK and had fun together as a three. We used to play a game which I’m sure you’ll play at least once now. It was called the left/right game and we did this so much that we had to drive to new places and play. Let me tell you the rules, the child has control, yes you heard it right, wherever they say go, you go! Obviously don’t turn into someone’s house and if it looks like a crack den don’t go in 😉 Eating out was a favourite of ours so this became a way of finding new eateries and I’d like to thing we have an eclectic list of go to places throughout the North West. It also meant that Beth had control over some aspects of her life and we provided an ever changing backdrop and culinary decisions. One of our favourite finds was in Southport and we use this as our special place even now. Another special place for us is Switzerland which I’ve alluded to here in our post about crazy Christmas Getaways. What an experience we had. So that’s great, we’ve had amazing times and now what. The truth is, with another addition so young, we’ve not been as adventurous or created the same experiences. Not like we’re all explored out, more like we’re so tired, things take a lot more time and cost more than we can afford. It’s easy to think about the future as in we’ll do this and that, or go here and there but what about today? What can we do today that we’ve never done before and how can we have a great time doing it! Now if we think about all the things that have happened in our lives they include things like meningitis scares and Beth’s unfortunate broken arm which bonded us together as a family unit but probably the most important aspect, our Wedding. A glorious day where we cemented our then family unit, in God’s house and with friends and family present. Dottie who is now in our lives and family forever wasn’t there. She’ll never have that experience and it makes me really sad. She’ll also grow up and the teenager who is besotted by her now will be an adult before we know and will she remember the love that has been bestowed on her? When I had the opportunity to work with SnapFish to create some personalised Christmas Gifts for our family I wanted to create something for Dorothy to remind her of the tremendous amount of love her sister has for her and the love between my wife and I and the commitments we’ve made to each other and our family. Using Snapfish to Create Memory Pillows Using some photo’s we’d taken and a frame I’ve got for Corporate Dad, I was able to add them using the design studio for the 11×11″ small Photo Cushion I used a photo from our wedding by one of our best friends and god parent to Dorothy which wasn’t staged just pure love. There’s also a beautiful capture by Mrs P, of Beth and Dorothy which is just pure happiness. I want her to know from the moment she wakes, to the moment she falls asleep that Mummy, Daddy and Bethany love her unconditionally. What better way than to show her moments in my life that make me feel the same. Baby Memory Pillows ]]>

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