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Top 50 Mood Hoovers and How To Beat The Blues

Having had a poor nights sleep I can understand what the moody blues feel like! There’s also a few things that just suck the life out of the moment. Having read a study this morning, it was found that the average Brit will spend a year and eight months of their life – in a bad mood! I can agree. There’s just those things that really tick you off! Each day sees the average adult down in the dumps for a total of 41 minutes thanks to things such as a bad night’s sleep, technology problems, bad manners and the weather. I think I’m driving for 3 hours, so I would say at least 90% of that is spent moody 🙂 Dr Jen Tan a  spokesman for A.Vogel Herbal Remedies which commissioned the research, said: “It’s the everyday things that add up on a daily basis that grind us down; from technology not working to rudeness that affect our moods. “It is surprising, however, to see that when you add it all up, it amounts to quite a large chunk of our time. “Some bad moods are for justifiable reasons, but there are many small and seemingly insignificant things which can leave us feeling blue. The study, of 2,000 adults, found a bad night’s sleep is most likely to be the cause of a bad mood, followed by technology problems, an argument with a partner and other people’s lack of manners. A lack of sex, self-scanning tills and going to make a cup of tea but discovering the milk has gone off are also among the top 50 things most likely to result in a bad mood. Worryingly, the study found almost half of Brits admit they have days where they feel like they are in a bad mood from the moment they wake up until they finally go to bed that night. Psychologist and author of ‘The Menopause Maze’ Dr Meg Arroll commented on the research findings: “As well as everyday problems the research did indicate that, for women especially, irritability is linked to PMS and menopause symptoms with a nearly half of those surveyed admitting that they have experienced these symptoms for more a decade.

So here’s the Top 50 Bad Mood Triggers

  1. A bad night’s sleep
  2. Technology problems (Agreed!)
  3. An argument with your partner (Don’t have these)
  4. Poor manners – please thank you, holding door open etc (OMG Yes!)
  5. Rude staff (Defo)
  6. A stressful day at work
  7. Having no money (Poor me)
  8. Rain (It always rains up north!)
  9. Cold calls (Don’t answer)
  10. Traffic jams (As mentioned above)
  11. An unexpected bill (What! Another one!)
  12. Walking behind really slow people
  13. Negativity (Mood Hoovers!)
  14. Cold weather (Again see ‘Up North’ comment)
  15. People bumping into you and not saying sorry
  16. Call centres
  17. Long queues in shops
  18. Stepping in dog mess
  19. Your boss (Have a great boss)
  20. Getting splashed by a passing car
  21. A late night (Only if it’s not an out out night)
  22. Hunger (I’m Hangry!)
  23. Public transport delays (Don’t do public transport)
  24. Being too hot (Not at all! Bring on a holiday)
  25. Jobsworths (OMG Yes)
  26. Donald Trump (Just his face right)
  27. PMS (?)
  28. The items you want being out of stock
  29. People talking loudly in the cinema
  30. Bad weather on holiday
  31. Clothes not fitting properly
  32. Children not doing what they told
  33. Not being appreciated at work
  34. People using their phones while eating (I’m a blogger, it’s what we do)
  35. Spilling something on a new item of clothing
  36. Not having WiFi (Like now and having to use my tethered mobile)
  37. Old people driving (No just bad people driving)
  38. Being hungover
  39. People speaking loudly on the tube/train or bus in the morning
  40. Getting in trouble at work
  41. Shops being closed when you arrive (So much)
  42. An inactive sex life
  43. Missing a train
  44. Having a bad hair day (I’m a boy we always have bad hair days)
  45. Self-scanning tills in shops (Boycott! Let’s get people back!)
  46. Getting a bad spot
  47. Running out of loo roll (All the time)
  48. Making a cup of tea only to find the milk has run out or gone off
  49. Friends cancelling a social engagement
  50. Piers Morgan (hahaha)
  It’s not all doom and gloom everyone, there are  10 things guaranteed to cheer you up though! Well potentially if your a hugger!  
  1. A cuddle
  2. Laughing with a friend
  3. Going for a walk
  4. Listening to music
  5. Chocolate
  6. A glass of wine/beer
  7. Having a nice meal
  8. A long hot bath
  9. An early night
  10. A lie in

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