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Choose a Car that's Fuel Efficient not Fuel Hungry

This is a post dear to my heart as I’ve just had to say goodbye to company BMW! An amazing car but so thirsty when stuck in slow moving traffic. With all life/family commitments and rising petrol prices, before you know it, you can find yourself with huge fuel bills. Because of this, if you’re thinking about investing in a new car, you’ll want to find yourself one that’s as efficient as possible. Take a look at this overview of some of the top fuel-efficient family cars on the market. As well as efficiency, I’ve also taken a look at their overall practicality for transporting your family (and everything that comes along with them) around from place to place, as well as the overall driving experience. If you are struggling to justify such a big expense all at once, take a look at a car finance company for other available plans.   Honda Civic     With a hugely impressive miles per gallon ratio of 67.2mpg, this is undoubtedly amongst the best of the best energy efficient family cars. The interior and exterior style of the car isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re going on efficiency alone, this one is very difficult to beat. You certainly won’t miss seeing the inside of your local petrol station!     Seat Leon The ecomotive version of this car with a small diesel engine is the most fuel efficient with an MPG of roughly 63.2mpg. This puts it up there with the best of the family cars. This stylish hatchback features top technology and drives very nicely too. Perfect for whisking the family around!     Skoda Octavia Whenever you take a look at a list of the best family cars of 2017, the Skoda Octavia is always up near the top. The MPG figure is around 61.9mpg, which is very strong considering the spacious size of the car. Its roominess is particularly good for larger families, and there is ample space in the boot which makes it ideal for holidays and long trips away.     Vauxhall Astra Definitely one of the best hatchbacks in today’s marketplace, the Vauxhall Astra is both attractive and well built. It is also very comfortable on the inside which will hopefully help send the kids off to sleep on long car journeys! And most importantly (for this blog post anyway) it is one of the most fuel efficient cars in this category. An all round great choice!   Volkswagen Golf A reliable classic that has always been known for its fuel efficiency, the Volkswagen Golf is still one of the best out there. Ultimately, it ticks a lot of the boxes you want from a family car including reliability, practicality, comfort and smooth handling. Sometimes the classics are still the best! I’m lucky! I’ve been given a fuel card and a brand new Ford Focus! I’ll share a picture soon 🙂]]>

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