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Be a SAHD and a Super Boss

Being a full-time parent is a lot of work. But, so is being an independent man who runs a business. Usually, this is the point where a blog says that mixing the two isn’t doable. It has something to do with needing the concentration for both. However, Corporate Dad isn’t a site which likes to conform to the norm. Instead, here, an aspiring super dad can learn how to be an awesome super boss.   These are the things every dad should know about working from home.   Don’t Work “Normal” Hours   9am to 5pm are the hours an average person expects to work in a standard week. The good news is that you are by no means an average person. Working at home allows you the flexibility to start a day’s work as and when you choose. Sure, there are deadlines and time constraints to consider, but mostly you decide what to do and when. Therefore, there is no reason to get up super early and thrash out a day’s work just like the corporate guys down at the local office. Instead, use the flexibility to begin later and build your day around the kids. That way, it is possible to be a parent and an entrepreneur.   Get Virtual, Not Real   In the interest of honesty, you should note that there will be times when people don’t stick to the script. Yes, you like to work from 1pm to 3pm when the kids go for a nap, yet a client might need to speak with you at 11am. Or, a customer might inquire about a product when you are out of the office. When this happens, you need to react to ensure that they don’t bounce anywhere else. Thankfully, virtual reality technology is on hand to help. If you don’t know how virtual receptionists can help a business, you don’t need to look any further. Simply put, they handle all the calls and queries but cost less. A virtual receptionist is a no-brainer.   Keep Your Partner Involved   There is only so much one man can do per day. Therefore, the support of your partner is going to be essential to success. Of course, they will need to come home from work and take the kids off your hands for an hour or two. But, they will also need to see your vision and support you through the process. Building a home business is a slow and arduous task which takes time and money. By helping you with time, money and words of encouragement, the company might takeoff.   Outsource ASAP   Outsourcing is essential for any businessman or woman, but it’s doubly important for you. Forget about cutting costs and improving quality for a minute and focus on responsibility. By hiring a third party to take care of the marketing effort, say, there is no reason for you to worry. Add in the fact that the standard is bound to be high and the cost low, and outsourcing takes on extra significance. Dads, don’t let people tell you it isn’t possible. Every man can be a big boss and fantastic father if they want.  ]]>

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