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Embracing Aging

Don’t be scared of getting old: it’s something to be embraced, not embarrassed about. It’s important to embrace your ageing status. Despite what society tells you through televisions adverts and magazine articles: it’s okay to have wrinkles, greying hair, and even little to no hair at all which is the stage I’m getting to at the moment. The fact is everybody knows it happens, so why fight it? Embrace the fact that you have made it so far in life and show others that you are proud to have done so by telling other, more younger, people stories of your past; and never lie about your age by knocking ten years off of it! Also, remember your perspectives change as you grow old(er). It’s happened your whole life, in fact: you grew out of toys as you moved from childhood to being a teenager; you started to appreciate different things as you then grew into a young adult, such as getting more sleep in rather than spending more nights out on the town; and then as you made it to full-blown adulthood you had a greater appreciation for family time and what you had to do to provide for them, rather than yourself. And it’s no different now you’ve reached your middle-age. You may find yourself suddenly feeling you have a great appreciation for the finer things life, rather than cheap tat. You probably prefer to own things that last, rather than those things that, well, don’t. You’re more than likely to appreciate a socks subscription, a good pair of slippers or any number of the gifts found here for your birthday, rather than a wacky gadget gift that you’d have found funny in the past, but not now. You want simple and you want practical; and you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for what you really want in fear of being called ‘boring’. What you also should not do is allow for your ageing status to diminish aspects of your life that you still greatly appreciate. This includes circumstances, whether they be physical or mental, that stop you from continuing to be active every single day. Albeit a more prominent problem for those in their old age, arthritis does commonly begin in middle age and can begin to make activities such as playing sports or even walking over an extended period of time a challenge. To relieve yourself of the pains of arthritis on a daily basis, try the solutions found here, such as the hot and cold therapy and acupuncture because, although you’re no longer at your peak level of physical well-being, you’re still of an age where you should be of good health and physical functioning, and you’re certainly not dead yet, so don’t let the odd ache and pain stop you from doing everything you want to do. The moral of the story is: old age is nothing to embarrassed about, and neither is to be restricting. It is to be embraced and making it to a certain age should be seen as great triumph of life — that should always be remembered.]]>

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