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The Hidden Dangers of DIY

Working in retail within the kitchen industry, I’ve had to go on the kitchen designer course (and had to pass) for two weeks internal training and then off to our purpose built showroom in Hull. One of the key lessons I’ve taken from the weeks away is don’t do DIY! I’m someone that does a lot of things myself. I’ve built those dodgy shelves which I didn’t want to be flat against the wall and that TV doesn’t really need to be level! What it’s taught me is that no matter the cost of getting a professional, you should get one as it’ll pay off in the long run! Imagine destroying a £10,000 kitchen. I’ve seen some sights. But damage to a kitchen carcass is one thing but what about the loss of a digit, limb or even life! I’m not just talking about today either, there’s a real risk down the line especially with things like asbestos. Luckily, Slater & Gordon Personal Injury have put together this amazing infographic to highlight some of the dangers of DIY.

So whatever you do, think about it first before starting! Measure twice, cut once yeah?
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