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Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids

the 10 best Disney films are or how to make the best banana and chocolate pancakes. We need to able to come up with an answer immediately or know how to blag our way through it until we can ask Siri for some help. However, there are certain things every Dad needs to know and be able to pass on, and this is them: Which Cutlery As Colin Firth says so powerfully in Kingsman; manners maketh man. F course, this means teaching your kids the importance of saying please, thank you and excuse me, but it also means teaching them what to do when they are faced with a fancy meal that requires six forks, six knives, and three spoons. So teach them how to start from the outside and work their way in. Money Management For some reason, this is still a taboo subject, and all too often we are taught not to talk about money. But this is wrong because teaching your child about money is one of the most important life lessons you can ever teach. How to stay out of debt, how to save, how to manage a pension fund, how to use credit cards responsibly, what the difference between investing and gambling is. Money is the most powerful commodity we have, but for all the good it can do it can get people in serious trouble too. So protect your children. Riding A Bike It is a rite of passage and a skill for life, but it goes well beyond cheering as they ride away on stabilizers. So teach them how to ride responsibly, how to ride with a smile and how to look after their bike properly too. This means cleaning it after a muddy ride and storing it in a safe dry place. And once they have mastered this, well then it is time to be a Dad and teach them the tougher things like handling a jump, bunny-hopping and how to skid without grazing your knee. How To Treat A Woman This is imperative to your child no matter whether they are a girl or a boy. If they are a boy, then teach them the art of chivalry. Teach them to hold open doors, hold eye contact, help them into a car, walk on the outside of them, pull the chair out, offer them your coat and everything else. If you have a daughter, well, show them what a gentleman is by being a gentleman to their mother and to them. This will ensure they have high standards when they get older. How To Light A Fire This is a must-know skill for all boys, but it will also allow your daughter to show up other men, which is a lovely thing to see. So teach them how to stoke your living room fire (responsibly), how to handle a barbecue and start a campfire when you are out in the wilderness.]]>

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