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My Top 5 Summer Family Checklist

I love the sun, it’s amazing and as someone that tans really easily, it also makes me look hot! Not just in a sweaty way. But I think the biggest and best thing about the Summer is the way you can spend more time with your family in more places having MORE fun! It’s your opportunities to create lifelong memories and new adventures should always be fun, which is especially important in the summer for burning off the extra pent up energy the kids get when they’re off school. Here’s my ideal Summer with the kids. How many can you tick off? Bikes There is nothing quite like a family bike ride in the heat of the summer. Head out early with a picnic, and find a beautiful shady spot in the countryside for a delicious lunch, before heading home considerably slower. This is my dream summer excursion with the family but riding bikes seems to have gone down hill. Not literally It’s a shame as Mrs P has the most stunning bike. If the kids are old enough, get them on their own bikes and choose a route which is appropriate for their competency level. If they’re still young, a child seat on your own bike gives you a lot more flexibility, and it’s a good opportunity for them to start to feel more comfortable on a bike too. Just be sure to take lots of water, suncream, and a first aid kit, just in case. Swegway No not Segway but something just as mad, a bit silly and just ridiculous. Get your family a hoverboard. They work on gyroscopes, and are battery powered, so you can literally take them anywhere. Kids love the feeling of floating, and they’re remarkably good exercise. If you want to really push the boat out, there are go-cart add-ons which are made to fit the Swegway, which then powers the go-cart. If you want to keep the kids thoroughly occupied this summer, this is the way to go. Barbecue OMG I have the best BBQ post coming up but readers, if you’ve not nailed this bit summer help is around the corner. Every family needs a good family barbecue. Fair enough, it’s not energetic, but if you have a fold-away grill, a cool box, and a car, a Saturday afternoon in the park with food, a few cold beers, and all the summer games you can think of is the best fun in the world. Try rounders, cricket, football, and frisbee, and then sit down to fresh burgers and sausages – perfection. Kayaks I’m not even joking I’ve wanted an inflatable kayak, for ages! The idea of just cracking on with one onto the water sounds amazing Life on the open water and all that. The problem is the gear and it’s quite an investment right away, many sailing and outdoor pursuit centres will offer kayaking days for families or kids who want to give it a go. One thing’s for sure; the kids will certainly sleep well afterwards. In the heat of the summer, it’s important to get outside and make the most of the good weather, and burning off excess energy is just a bonus.  ]]>

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