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Well Done Apple – Do Not Disturb Driving Update

Apple’s Do Not Disturb Driving update could possibly save my life, the lives of those I love and I welcome the change. As someone that drives more miles than I’d like to care for, using Siri to text, make calls and everything in between, I still get distracted by the notifications. Especially when I’m using the map app and the notification covers the screen Annouced yesterday their new update will block notifications when the phone detects you’re driving and will also text to say you can’t respond as you’re driving. There is an option to turn this off but I imagine in a collision you’ll have questions asked as to why and it won’t form a great defence to your claim. I can imagine in an accident, having it activated will be your defence, how good will that be. Bundled in with a number of updates, this is the key one for me as a parent. With phoning/texting as the number one cause of road accidents, phone companies need to play their part and Apple has stepped up and taken ownership. Well done.  ]]>

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