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3 Security Measure To Implement In Your Retail Store

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Burglaries and other petty theft incidents are major problems that many retail businesses deal with regularly. In 2019, the retail sector lost nearly £5 million in retail thefts and other crimes. As a business owner with so much money invested in your store and its products, you must adopt effective security measures to ensure that your store is safe. There are several ways you can beef up your storefront’s security and prevent criminals from breaking into your business. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Video surveillance

One of the best ways to deter thieves and burglars from breaking into your store is installing a modern video surveillance system at major points in your retail space. Most modern cameras have high resolutions, making it easier to view any suspicious individuals. Most security experts suggest installing a surveillance system covering your storefront’s interior and exterior parts. Ideally, it must cover a 360-degree angle of your store, including your parking area, entrance, and other vulnerable spots. Ensure that there aren’t any blind spots for potential thieves to take advantage of. 

There are some useful features and qualities to look out for when shopping for a good video surveillance system. An excellent choice is a surveillance system with a wide-angle lens, infrared recording for nighttime surveillance, motion-sensor recording, and adequate cloud storage. These features would make it easier for you to prevent criminals from breaking into your store. 

  1. Guard dogs

Employing a guard dog is one of the effective ways to keep your storefront secure. Apart from serving as a visual deterrent to potential burglars, these dogs can also become a part of your active workforce. Using services such as K9 security London to protect your business might seem like an extreme security measure. However, it can be very useful, especially if you work in a high-risk industry, work with high-profile customers, or your business has been under a serious threat. 

You might be wondering about the legalities involved with having a guard dog for your business. But it is legal to own one, as long as you notify customers of the presence of a guard dog. 

  1. Secure windows

Windows are perhaps the most vulnerable spots of a retail store. Therefore, you must secure your windows from potential break-ins. The most tried and true method of securing your windows is installing security bars on your window. However, these can make your business look more like a prison cell than a store and may be impossible to do depending on your store’s location. It’s better to use them for smaller windows in the back while reinforcing the larger windows at the front to make them appear more attractive. You must also ensure that you upgrade your locks, especially if your store is a much older building with older lock systems. 

When securing your business from intruders, you must use a multi-channel approach for the best results. You must find the best measures that work best for your business to reduce any risks.

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