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Something New: 3 Activities To Push You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Life can get boring doing the same things over and over again. Even if you have a fun and thrilling hobby, it doesn’t take away the need or urge to learn something new or challenge yourself. A recent study showed that 38% of UK adults were happier when they tried a new activity. So, why not find a new activity that will give you a sense of fulfilment? Here are some amazing activities to try your hands on.

  1. Martial arts

Martial arts is an excellent hobby to take up, especially if you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Practising martial arts can give your life so much value when taken seriously. Apart from helping you stay fit, practising martial arts is also a great way to learn self-defence, which will come in handy if you are in a dangerous situation. Martial arts have also been known to improve your mindset, and developing this skill will help boost your confidence. You also get to form friendships with other martial arts enthusiasts. And who knows? You’d get to involve your family in all your matches and teach them a few moves. 

  1. Podcasting

You should consider starting a podcast if you’ve got exciting stories to share or noticed people like listening to you speak. However, creating a podcast involves a lot of prep work and factors to consider. For example, you would have to decide whether you would host it alone or co-host with a mate or two. You also need to consider the layout and content of your podcast. Podcasts also challenge your creativity, as you would need to find a catchy name and podcast intro to keep your audience hooked.

The great thing about podcasting is that you need to spend a lot on equipment. You can start a podcast with just your smartphone. However, it would be wiser to invest in a good microphone or headphones for better sound quality. Finally, you have to decide when and how you plan to share your podcast or make it accessible to listeners. Major streaming platforms like Apple Podcast and Spotify are excellent platforms to share your podcasts. But, you should explore other options to see which ones your listeners would prefer. 

  1. Astronomy

Most people are fascinated with space and its vastness. If you are one of those many people, you can easily begin your cosmic exploration right in your backyard. For beginners, most experts recommend starting with binoculars before transitioning to telescopes. Binoculars are better equipped to give you a wider view than a telescope, which focuses on a tiny part of the vast sky. Next, you can start reading maps and guidebooks to make your stargazing more challenging and exciting. Knowing what happens in the vast darkness around the earth can be quite unnerving, so this hobby would take you out of your comfort zone! 

With any luck, these activities listed will inspire you to find one that best fits your interests and personality. Regardless of whichever new activity you choose, be sure that you make time for it and that it doesn’t interfere with important activities.

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