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How Fitness Affects Your Professional Performance

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Having a full-on professional life can be very time consuming, leaving little room for other things in life. Plus, when you do have time for something other than work, it is usually spent chilling out, spending time with family and doing all the things you truly love!

For this reason, many businesspeople fall behind on their fitness levels. We all wish we looked like Roger Federer, but in order to achieve high levels of fitness, a lot of time and effort is necessary – and, of course, consistency too. 

Unfortunately, being unfit can affect you in many ways, and one of those ways is your professional performance.

In this blog, we will explore why exactly fitness is so important for maintaining your career.

Exercise is a great form of stress relief

First and foremost, professional life can be stressful. No matter the industry you work within, it can be very easy to feel the pressure of your job, particularly as you climb the ladder and take on more responsibility. 

One way of alleviating some of the stresses of corporate life is through working out. Workouts don’t have to feel like a punishment, but should instead feel like a release of pent up energy that might have accumulated while working through the day. 

By incorporating regular exercise into your routine, you could find yourself feeling more level headed at work, allowing you to see things clearly and improve organisation.

Being fit and healthy sets an example to your employees and colleagues

Business is all about leadership, and if you are a company leader, you need to act like one! Being fit and healthy sets a great example to all those who look up to you; your fitness will inspire others to take care of themselves, too.

Plus, you can incorporate fitness into your work’s ethos. You could encourage your employees to take part in the cycle to work scheme, or offer free gym membership to those who work for you. This is not only likely to make your employees happier, but will improve the overall morale of the office too.

Your body isn’t built for office life!

Ultimately, our bodies aren’t built for life in a chair. We are animals, at the end of the day, so it’s no wonder that people who work in offices can become easily depressed or stressed out. By letting your body become weaker, you are ignoring the animal within – which is only going to further your anxiety or feelings of dissatisfaction. 

If you want to live a more balanced life, you need to find a way to counteract the hours you spend in a chair, hunched over a computer screen. This could be achieved by working with a personal trainer, or by taking up a team sport that incorporates social activity into your exercise regime!


In conclusion, it is common sense that investing time and energy into your fitness will reap rewards in all areas of your life. Start living to the fullest today by including exercise into your daily routine.

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