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Make the Weekends Family Time

Working hard Monday to Friday, I really worship the weekends as they means so much to me. There’s a number of things that we do every weekend and you really have to grasp it by the scruff of it’s neck and really seize the day, or days. If you really haven’t fulfilled your family weekends, here’s a few tips to take control back! Be stricter on the weekdays One of the reasons that a lot of families don’t get as much fun stuff done on the weekend as they’d like is that the weekend often ends up being pretty busy. There are often loads of chores to do; things like tidying up the house are often left till the weekend because a lot of families don’t feel that they have the time or energy to do these things after work. So if you want to ensure that there are a few obligations to fulfill on the weekend as possible, you have to ensure you’ve all got a really good weekday routine. Don’t allow chores to pile up during the weekday; get organizing and cleaning so that you’ve got a lot more free time on the weekend! Yes, you may all be a bit fatigued after a day at school or work – and the kids may even have homework to do – but this shouldn’t be an excuse to procrastinate with household duties. Make sure the kids help out with the chores so that you’re all ready to really spend the weekend relaxing. Getaway ideas The more free time you build for yourself for the weekend, the more you can actually do on the weekend – and if you really free up your weekend, you may even have the opportunity to go on a weekend getaway with the family. A weekend getaway doesn’t have to be elaborate – in fact, getting elaborate may actually make it more difficult to fit a short vacation into a weekend! Something as simple as a cheap local hotel or bed and breakfast from Toprooms can give you and your family a unique and much-needed break! Of course, if you take advantage of public holidays, you may be able to get even more time off and take a more adventurous getaway over an extended weekend. However you choose to go about it, family weekend getaways are a perfect way of fitting in more unforgettable moments into your kids’ childhoods. Have Fun Going Out but also Love Staying at home A great family weekend doesn’t have to involve leaving home. Sure, getting out of the house is a good idea, but you don’t necessarily have to go on a getaway. Getting active together over the weekend is definitely a great idea, and can be worth all those extra chores you had to do across the week. Even if it seems like more work to the kids, going cycling or for a run is definitely a great way to introduce exercise and a healthy attitude to their lives. Staying inside can provide its own special moments for your family if you choose the right entertainment. A lot of families end up staying in front of the TV, watching cartoons and game shows and soap omnibuses. But why not make Saturday a movie night, or a board game night? Why not read to each other? TV is way too passive and un-artistic; a great family weekend should include more active or mind-expanding entertainment!]]>

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