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Review – Grill in the Park, Worsley Marriott @WorsleyPark

As a blogger, we get amazing opportunities to review restaurants, days out and innovative products and games. So when we were invited to a restaurant at a golf club I’ll be completely honest, I wasn’t entirely sure. Being a seasoned pro (golfer) back in the day, spending time in golf clubs was par of the course. I’d be invited here, playing a competition there or going on a lads away day/weekend. All of these things aren’t entirely conducive to a romantic meal with the wife, or a business lunch or any other thing you’d associate with a really nice restaurant. I was however really impressed by the menu and having seen a complete refurbishment, I’m always open to challenging my views and thought why not let’s give it a go. Look how amazing it looks! I was working away in Hull evaluating a number of tender responses and was hoping I’d be back in time so thankfully the M62 was kinder than normal. It did mean having to pick up Mrs P from Walkden train station but only being a few minutes from the Worsley Marriott it really didn’t matter too much and was actually really easy from Rachel’s point of view. Upon arrival I was amazed at how civilised everything was. There was no crazy drunken golfers letting off some steam, no large groups of golfers post match all polo’d up conducting an awards ceremony and definitely no large scale greasy ham egg and chips times 40 being dished out. I got a sense that Grill in the Park being a secret hideaway in what is a clearly amazing hotel and golf course. There are a number of very subtle signs leading you through to the immaculately designed and presented restaurant with more than enough room for a large party, but small and secretive booths for the most romantic of getaways which are few and far between with Mrs P and I. Looking at any menu there’s two elements that can make or break it. The steaks and the desserts, especially when it’s classed as a Grill in the Park! Now don’t get me wrong, the starters here were equisite. Look for yourself. However we’re there for the mains and desserts. We were not disappointed! I love steak and a rare steak cooked well is pure perfection. The smooth flavoursome and juicy meat is worth every penny. Unfortunately a steak over cooked, is a waste and can easily ruin a meal. I consider cooking a steak to being on time for a train. It’s ok to be early (under cooked) but if you’re late the train has left and it’s too late! Fortunately, the meat train was well and truly on time both times from Mrs P and I, and we were greeted by one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Cooked Rare of course 🙂 If you’re also a fan of large, hand cut chips then you’re in good company here too. As part of our bloggers dinner, we also had the excellent and informative demonstration of why/how cocktails are made and Mrs P was given the opportunity the chance to make a cocktail of her dreams. Which I’m sure you can see from the video she loved! No before we get into dessert I’d just like to say thank you to all of the fellow bloggers that got to share the amazing experience with us. We all had a laugh, shared food and hopefully they had the same experience that we did too. What great company to enjoy some much needed parental time away. Following the amazing starter, So what about the desserts? There was no shortage in choices and they all lived up to expectations. Food wise, this restaurant can not be faulted. It lived up to every expectation and surpassed in levels of service and hospitality. It’s always a concern to think are we receiving especially high levels of service because we are blogger but I genuinely didn’t feel that at all. After speaking to all of the staff, they were genuinely so happy to serve us and were so informative about the changes. And the changes are beautiful! They’ve put a lot of effort into the look and feel of the restaurant and we were lucky to be there at night where the decor really did the business in making it romantic and welcoming. I felt a big guilt at my initial thought of the restaurant which was unfortunately twisted by years of golf events and away days. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Mrs P had an amazing time as did I and what more can we say about the Worsley Marriott. It’s an exceptional location in the day and night. I hope to be back soon and if I can take my clubs too, then great. ]]>

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