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Best Gift Ideas for Your Daughter's 18th Birthday

A father’s presence in their child’s life is priceless. As a dad, you guide your daughter or son physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally until they grow into fine young adults. But even if they’ve already grown up, you never really stop teaching them good things and being there. Hopefully, you were there when they spoke their first word as a baby when they took their first steps, when the write their name for the first time, and when they had their first heartbreak as a teenager. As Beth is racing towards her 18th birthday with the big 1 6 happening in 6 months we’re going to be parents of an adult! OMG! A soft play party or trip to maccies just isn’t going to cut the mustard on this occasion though and somehow Claire’s accessories gift bag won’t be enough. So what can we do? Their First Car This is perhaps the best gift you could ever give to your daughter that she will surely remember for life. If you’re extra generous and you think your daughter deserves it, don’t be afraid to give him his first car.  Since your daughter is now turning into a little lady, show her that you trust her by giving them the power of horses. We’ve had a driving lesson for Beth last year at Mercedes but that won’t enough for the open road so a trip to http://yourdrivingacademy.co.uk is definitely on the cards. Travel Tickets Like a bird, give them an experience that will not only teach your child how to live on their own but will also make his birthday the most memorable one. I think Beth and her friend Annie would love to go backpacking across somewhere hot! Concert Tickets Beth is a massive fan of about 10 bands so surprising her with band tickets are high up on the list. Or for an even better idea, I’ll go with her to the concert and have the time of our lives jamming hard. Not sure this is high up on her agenda now she’s a teenager.  Action Camera Having an action camera isn’t just for the athletic. Couple it with some experiences, landscapes or even underwater. A shared experience is a great experience and another opportunity to bond. Remember that above anything else, your love and guidance for your children are the most important gifts of all. Set a good example and you will see them transform into the best adult version they can be.  ]]>

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