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Practising Our Laps for PJ Masks Race Day #PJMasksRaceDay

If your child is anything like mine, they’ll have a favourite PJ Mask character. If you don’t know what that means, you’ve clearly not spent hours enthralled in a tales of three children that go “Into the Night to save the Day!”

If you then couple Dorothy’s favourite TV Show with a Race Day organised by UKMums.tv at 1-2pm on the 20th Feb 2019, now you’ve got my attention too! Which of course we’re going to take part in but to win prizes, we of course need to get our practise on.

This is Dad Territory! It’s ON

just in time for the Race Day on the 20th Feb 2019! Start your engines.
Prior to the #PJMasksRaceDay Just Play, have launched the PJ Masks figure and vehicle sets with the racers within Smyths Toys Superstores. But there’s a choice to make, which racer are you? Gekko is our favourite 🙂

SmythToys Online Shop have the Power Racers Sets in so you choose your Favourites for the racers and we’ve had the pleasure of practising with Catboy (Blue), Owlette (Red), Gekko (Green) and Romeo (Boooo) the baddy. There’s also Night Ninja if you’re a fan of the villans! All priced at £13.99 a set, we’ve got our four ready to go!
So in preparation for the big race day we setup our track, got the cameras rolling and Dorothy ready for some serious racing! See how she got on:

We had a brilliant time testing out the racers ready for tomorrow and have no doubt that Gekko is the fastest even when I gave Owlette a little WD40 to try and make her go faster. (hehe)

Truly did have a great time and if you look at Dorothy’s face she absolutely loved it. She’s been a massive fan of the show ever since I managed to get her to look outside of Hey Dougie. We are so excited to join @ukmumstv for the #PJMasksRaceDay tomorrow. Grab your PJ Masks vehicles and gear up to join in the fun between 1-2pm!

The question for you is, are you joining us and who is your choice for winner?


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