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Encouraging Kids Passions in Sports

All kids have things that they love to do. When they are little, they love nothing more than getting out and trying new things and even when they’ve started school, many of them are keen to join in with new groups and activities, and they might be continually badgering you to let them try new sports, hobbies, and instruments.

It’s great for them to have hobbies, interests, and passions. Things that they love doing and get excited about. It will help them to express themselves, to grow in confidence, to learn discipline and control and to make new friends. It can improve their social development, give them a way to express their feelings and emotions and even help them to develop the skills that they need at school.

Unfortunately, while we want to encourage them to explore their passions, they’re not always good at them. It can be hard to encourage your child to follow their dreams when that means that you have to spend most of your time listening to them play an instrument out of key or watch them repeatedly fail in a sport. But, the very last thing that we want to teach them is that you are only allowed to do things that you are good at.

Praise Their Successes

It’s all too easy to focus on the negatives. To see only their failures and setbacks. This can be a horrible knock for their confidence, which no young person needs. Instead, focus on their improvements and achievements, however small they might be. Praise them for their hard work and commitment if nothing else.

Show Them Options

A job as a footballer isn’t the only way to work in football. There are plenty of Jobs in Football that don’t require you to have the skills of a professional footballer. You could be a sports writer or photographer, or a coach. You could even work in sports promotion.

Nor do you need to be a great singer to work in music. There are many related jobs in the industry that let you work with your passions, without being very good at all. Teach your child that if they truly want to follow their dreams, it is still possible, even if all of their hard work never quite pays off.

Introduce Them to New Things

While you don’t want to stop your child doing something that they love, constant setbacks can be bad for their confidence. Especially as they get older and they start to become more aware of other people’s skills. So, by all means, let them carry on, and show them that there are options available, but introduce them to new things. Take a look at groups and classes in your local area, try new sports and hobbies together and try to find something else that they might enjoy. Finding a hobby that they are skilled at, even if it’s something less popular, can be a fantastic confidence boost and help their self-esteem grow. It’ll also give you a chance to teach them that while no one is good at everything, everyone is good at something.

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