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Marketing Ploys For E-learning Products

E-learning products are in demand, but there’s a huge amount of competition out there. With more and more individuals, companies, and organisations producing informative content, how do you set about enticing web users and encouraging them to choose your products?

If you’re promoting e-learning products, for example, courses, free trials, guides, and webinars, you have to be able to stand out from the crowd and ensure your content is readily available. There are several methods that can be used to promote e-learning brands and individual products and product ranges, and as the infographic shows, push notifications are an effective ploy. Push notifications can alert users to new products, special offers and amazing deals and options that are linked to products that have already been purchased or reviewed. If you take part in a webinar about SEO, for example, you might be invited to buy a related guide or participate in another webinar about email or social media marketing. Using notifications can help you generate leads and increase conversion rates.

According to this informative graphic, people spend around 6 hours per day on digital devices, and the most common reason for use is searching for information. Research suggests that notifications are most powerful and influential when it comes to marketing webinars, toolkits, guides, free trials and ebooks. Most people access notifications via Google Chrome using desktop computers. 

Marketing plays a key role in boosting sales and creating a buzz around e-learning products. If you’re looking to promote webinars or guides, it’s well worth taking a closer look at this insightful infographic. 

Infographic Designed By The Power of eLearning Industry’s Browser Notifications Infographic 2019 Edition

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