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Creating a Home Office Haven

Many of us work from home in the modern working world. Either some or all of the time.

We need to focus and concentrate, find ways to be productive and have somewhere that we feel comfortable bringing clients or important work colleagues. When we start out working from home, we imagine working on the sofa in our PJ’s watching TV sipping on endless cups of coffee. But, as time wears on we find this arrangement isn’t working. We get bad backs from slouching on the sofa, we struggle to stay focused with the distractions of family life all around us, and we go on panic cleaning rampages every time we have to bring a client home. It’s just not practical. To work well from home, you need a home office.  A place where you can focus on your work, keep everything organised and be more productive. But, a home office is a part of your family home and so should be stylish as well as practical.

Add Seating If your office is large enough, seating other than your desk chair can be a great addition. Something from the Chesterfield leather sofa sale looks stylish and professional, is comfortable, fits in with office décor and can give you a great place to take a ten-minute break without breaking your concentration by leaving the office. It’ll also give you a comfortable and less formal setting to hold meetings or use video chat.

Keep Organised When you work from home, you’ve got no one reminding you to keep organised or to tidy up after you. Home offices can quickly become messy and disordered. Make sure you’ve got plenty of storage space and that it’s well organised, and everything is both easy to file and easy to find. A messy office can waste time and make you feel stressed out, so it’s worth taking a little time to keep it tidy.

Add Some Personal Touches Adding a few personal touches can make you feel happier and help tie in the office with the rest of your homes décor. You might want some pictures of your family and friends or some wall art to brighten things up a little.

Keep It Light Light space makes it easier to focus and stay alert for a long day working. If you’ve got a natural light source, keep the curtains open and let in as much light as you can. Paint the walls lighter colours and make sure you’ve got different lighting options so that you can change the atmosphere of the room.

Think of Comfort A comfy sofa isn’t the only way to make your office more comfortable. You’ll also want to make sure your desk and chair are the right height to keep your back straight and add some soft furnishings to help keep you warm and settled.


If you have your own company or work for yourself, it’s a great idea to add your branding to your room to make it look and feel more professional this could be in the artwork, colour scheme or finer details such as the stationery.  


It’s important to be comfy at home, so be sure to be inspired by Bamigo. The prerequisite for the home office is a robe! So you can check your emails straight after getting in the shower, or out of bed. Robes are ideal this time of year for first thing in the morning when you have a coffee. What a pleasure! In a few weeks the body will ask us for something more chubby but now a robe like this is ideal, made of an elastic but soft fabric and a beautiful color. Sweatshirt dress or co-ord is another great option. It may be a typical option, yes, but we have no doubt that it is one of the ones we all like the most, right? A dress sweatshirt that does not constrict anything can be very comfortable. Three-piece knit sets are great. These purchases are very worth it because all the clothes have more game in our closet than they seem. The cardigan or top can be combined with other garments to go out on the street and also knitted pants. Comfortable and beautiful without effort to work from home! Chubby knit cardigan is always great, to keep the gas bills down and to keep you cosy when you are working from your spare room. A great oversized extra long cardigan with a rather fluffy knit is going to serve you well! Look to invest in a good pair of slippers too, keeping your feet warm is vital when you’re working in the office, afterall.

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