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Baby Photoshoot with Haze Riddle Photography

I’ve previously been in front of the camera as has my beautiful wife so we’re not shy of the flash and snap. We’ve accumulated a number of professional photographer friends who’ve wanted to make us stars to aid their various Christmas, Vintage or Family campaigns and in return we’ve paid a small fee or got the pictures. Prior to Labour Day (Not the political sense) we had a beautiful baby bum shoot and it was only sense to look at Baby pictures while she’s still small enough to fit in the adorable outfits we’ve bought. So at one week old Haze Riddle Photography had the pleasure of photographing little Dottie and the creative influences of Rachel and I. What a day we had! We we’re made to feel so relaxed and in turn Dottie was at ease with whatever we wanted to try. There was no problems with breast feeding in the studio or a quick nappy change between shoots. We had a number of ideas that we wanted to try and were allowed to express our desires and make them happen. The photographer was amazing and gave positive feedback throughout which was re-assuring and refreshing. Being a mother herself I’m sure that helped. Here’s some behind the scenes shots: Haze Riddle Photography Behind the Scenes 1 Haze Riddle Photography Behind the Scenes 2 So we had a great day and got some amazing pictures as part of our package! At £65 for the shoot and 5 pictures we were over the moon and extras images are available on request. Our next plan is to arrange a photoshoot for Beth and Dottie as they have a very strong sisterly bond and we can’t wait to get them in front of the camera. The photos that we ended up with were sent to a Baby Model agency and had a great response with future test shoot to be arrange. Overall we all had a  great day and one that we’ll never forget. For more information visit Haze Riddle Photography [gallery ids="236,237,238,239,240,241,242,243,244,245,246"]]]>