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Is it too late to learn French?

This time next week I’m hoping to be knee deep in cheese and swimming in cheap wine! Yes we’re going to France. Now before you start to worry we’re going to the deep regions of Brittany so well out the way of any potential hot spots. So we’re going to France thanks to Dottie’s god parents and their generosity at letting us stay in their holiday home and share the wonders of France for a week. Now we’re deciding to drive as Dorothy’s tiny and we’ve got a dad wagon which has a number of DVD screens in. Now who wants to be stuck in an airport and on the plane with a crying baby? Not me. The journey is going to be a long slog at just over 11 hours and hopefully we’re looking at stopping near Margate for the night before so it’s broken up into two journeys. I can’t wait, it’s Dorothy’s first holiday and she’s got a passport to match too. I’ll get to spend a lot of time with Beth as I’m either at work, she’s out with friends or at her biological dads. She’s growing up so quick and getting to that age where parents aren’t cool to hang around anymore and I definetly feel like I’m missing my time together. and then there’s time with Mrs P which is always special. Oh I forgot to mention, the in Laws are coming too! I know right. But it’s cool actually, I invited them. My Father in Law is a legend and Mother in Law would do anything for you so having a new grand daughter and wanting to spend time with us all what a perfect opportunity. So it’s full stem ahead in the last week to prepare the car for the journey, plan a schedule (Beth’s word) and get ready for a fantastic week of chill! But there’s one thing I haven’t prepared for, Is it too late to learn French? haha. We’ll be live streaming on Facebook Live throughout our trip so stay in touch!  ]]>

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