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They're Only Boobs – The Truth about Breastfeeding

New dads here’s a whistlestop tour to breastfeeding! No not you, your babies! You see I was a bit sceptical at first and it wasn’t through ignorance, it was from the stories in the papers through to online social experiments I’d seen. I’d never been through this before with a partner so I had no first hand experience and only those to gauge. It appeared there was a strong divided opinion and breastfeeding mums were either loved or hated. No middle ground or grey areas of whatever, it’s their choice or I’m not really interested. It is a choice and for some it’s taken away through complications and for others it’s a preference. Seeing some of the formula dads timelines it appears to be a continuous cycle of sterilising and feeding. With my non producing moobs redundant it’s pretty much full on for mum in the early stages giving us time to make brews and breakfast/lunch/dinner. I can see why some men can be weird. (Please don’t be offended by that word,  I couldn’t think of anything better to describe the off feeling) it’s odd seeing a pair of boobs that were seen as something sexual being so nurturing and giving life. It’s like conflicting messages and your brain can’t comprehend. If that’s what you decide do it. Don’t half heartedly get on board be a full advocate for this decision and your partner. No one confronts confidence. My mind was sealed when Mrs P was deservedly shown the sun after a few weeks of the gruelling sleep, feed, repeat cycle. It was half way through my M&S scone that Dorothy needed feeding and I felt like a nightclub bouncer. Guarding Mrs P and Dottie’s dignity ready to confront the hordes of people aghast and hold back the adoring fans. But they never came. There were a few looks, a few adoring smiles and one old lady in particular who was so happy I thought she was going to have sip of the gold top herself. I’m not going to list all the endless benefits of breast feeding if you’d like to know more message me. All I can say is, Dorothy’s healthy in both weight and size, there’s an inexplicable bond between Mummy and Baby, there’s no sterilising and wherever you are whatever you’re doing your Baby can be fed and feel comforted.]]>


  1. Bethany Naismith Reply

    I think it’s terrible that so many people are against breastfeeding in public! It’s one of the most natural things a mother can do, and it’s frowned upon.

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