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What Does your Father Figure Really Want this Father's Day?

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, for me it’s always a time of great sadness but also the life-changing joy! Growing up with my grandfather as my Dad and not having had the biological dad there was tough with no father related sports or support. But it’s things like this that have made me who I am today and it makes me strive to be the best Dad I can be. So every Father’s Day is special, from the first one with my Step Daughter where I cried on receiving my first ever card to “My Phill”. I think that was the moment I knew this was the life for me and we soon got married. Looking at the latest ones, Dorothy is now starting to realise what special occasions are, is becoming a Daddy’s girl and team up with Bethany to make it special.

But what does special mean to you?

Royal Mail have conducted a study with over 2000 Dads and you’ll be amazed at the top three most wanted gifts. It’s not socks, aftershave or “World’s Best Dad Mugs”. The top three desired things are a meal out with the family, hugs from the children and a Father’s Day card. I can completely agree with this and have had the luxury of having Mrs P supporting our children. We’ve had meals out but they’ve been picnics at waterfalls, hugs I get every day so I’m so lucky and our Father’s Day Cards are always full love and mostly handmade. Because the cards have been heartfelt, I’ve kept the cards and have a secret stash to look back on especially when stress levels are high and sleep is short.

While there have been slight differences, the top five Father’s Day gifts, as chosen by British dads are:

  1. A meal out with the family
  2. Hugs from the children
  3. Receiving a Father’s Day card
  4. Spending quality time with their children
  5. A walk in the countryside with their children

Here’s my Izzy, holding up a handmade Father’s Day card. According to new research from the @royalmailofficial dads simply want a handmade card and to spend time with their families. This busts the myth that dads are difficult to buy for or aren’t bothered about the occasion. I’ve produced a series of tips called ‘Simple Pleasures for Modern Dads’ to help you organise and prepare for the day. It’ll be on the #RoyalMail website later today. What would you most like for Father’s Day? Something big and extravagant or simply time with the family and a handmade card? Hint: You *might* also heat me talking about all this on the radio later today too! . . . . . #ad #fathersday #fathersdaycard #fathersdaygifts #fathersdaygift #dads #fathers #family #familytime #kids #children #ukdadbloggers #bloggerstyle #blogger #mums #mum #mothers #parenting #parents #instadads #dadstagram #srd #sahd #schoolrundad #daddyblogger #moderndad #dadsofinstagram

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Top Friend and fellow Dad Blogger John Adams from DadBlogUK has put together a myth-busting list of “Simple Pleasures” for Modern Dads.
  1. Every year without fail you should send a card to your dad/father figure. As you get older, you get busier and your dad understands this as he’s been through it, but it simply shows that he is in your thoughts.
  2. Odd as it sounds, sometimes dad just wants to do what mum does. Often it’s mum that does arts and crafts with the kids or takes them to the park. Maybe on Father’s Day, dad can do this stuff? In many cases, dad possibly hasn’t done arts and crafts since he last watched Blue Peter as a kid!
  3. Breakfast in bed is always a winner, but let the kids go wild. There is nothing quite like being served an apple and honey sandwich covered in sprinkles. If nothing else, it makes the day memorable!
  4. At the weekends’ dads very often have to drive kids around to various activities. If possible, structure Father’s Day so he doesn’t have to do any this.
  5. A handmade card is a good idea. I have kept many of the cards my children have made me and it’s great to look back and see as their writing and drawing skills have developed. They’re also easy to post if you can’t be with your family in person.
  6. Let’s debunk a myth here. Men might enjoy barbecues, but there are many other ways to cook food. I know my stepfather is an amazing cook, yet he rarely does it. Everyone is a foodie these days and dad might like to do a cookery session with the kids.
  7. I love Father’s Day cards with drawings. My youngest daughter will draw the family and her observations are fantastic (i.e. I have short hair, the cat is stripy, she is the shortest one in the family and so on)
  8. The greatest gift you can give is time. Dad doesn’t get to play in the park or have a kick about with the kids very often. An expensive meal out and a trip to the theatre is nice, but dad might be very happy to do something close to home with his nearest and dearest.
  9. If you are together with family, take a photograph. Over the years this will build up into a nice collection. You can also use the picture as a greetings card or thank you card at a later date if you wish.
  10. Men are difficult to buy for, are they? Think again. Tech items, DIY tools all make great gifts that are useful. How about a mobile phone charging kit for a car? Might sound dreary but such things are so, so useful (I’d like a top of the range GoPro, by the way)
  11. Don’t get your dad a bottle opener for Father’s Day. Trust me, he’s probably got a drawer full of them!
  12. Shoeshine kits. Another item that dad probably has lots and lots of. While we’re doing ‘things to avoid’: Ties. It takes a very brave individual to second guess a man’s taste in ties.
  13. Grandad is still a dad. He may be widowed or divorced and living on his own. Send a card, pick up the phone. He will appreciate it.
  14. Give dad a hug, tell him you love him and thank him for looking after you. Mums quite often hear this message, not so many men.
  15. Don’t buy Father’s Day presents and cards at the last minute. The day of the petrol station gift and card is through: Some don’t even stock these things any more. Buy them a couple of weeks in advance and if you’re buying online, allow time for delivery.

I hope you have an amazing Father’s Day if you’re a Dad, or can use these tips to make yours feel extra special. Whatever your Father Figure looks like, Mum, Aunt, Uncle, Grandad or Dad, have a great time.


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