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Top Tips on a Family Road Trip

If you followed our holiday in France it was amazing but having such a young one on a long road trip, wasn’t easy. We were at one point pondering why we were even bothering with the whole thing. When stress gets added to the mix in these things, it can soon feel like it isn’t worth it. This quickly passed when we were there but it did make the commute harder. I feel we approached it in the right way and there’s a few things we would have done differently in the future. May also be worthwhile looking at some of the hacks here from Parenting.com for some top tips for ensuring that your family holidays go a lot more smoothly. Family Road Tripping Prepare & Plan In Advance I planned like hell, looking at stops for fuel and feeding. Of course, there is only a certain amount you can plan for – but you should do whatever you can. Above all, planning ahead ensures that you don’t get caught out by all those niggling little things that can ruin a holiday. We were lucky as our destination was France but I’ve previously gone to Beijing without planning and didn’t have the right travel documents and visas at Manchester. Make sure you look ahead. Take a look at https://official-canada-eta.com by way of example. Remember to look at backup plans. We ended up staying over in a cheap hotel to reduce the drive back. Enjoy Yourself on a Family HolidayDon’t Overdo It Chances are, your kids will want to make the most of the holiday by doing everything possible. This is great, and the kind of attitude you should encourage. However, it is also this way of thinking that can lead to further stress down the line. If you want your holidays to be more relaxed, then it might be a good idea to try and tone it down a little. It is a good idea to plan a rough itinerary for each day and try to stick to it. This should help to stop anyone getting overly excited. Take a look at www.improvementzone.co.uk for more on this.   Enjoy Your Holiday VacationLeave Some Free Time While it can be beneficial to have an order for your holiday activities, it is also a good idea to leave some space. Let’s not forget – it is supposed to be a holiday. You should make an effort to find some time in there to relax. If you can’t properly relax, then you can’t expect to really enjoy your trip. This can sometimes be hard with kids in tow, but there are ways to arrange it so that everyone gets some downtime. This might mean that you and your partner take it in turns to have a day away from the kids. You could use this time to just relax by the beach or do whatever you want. Alternatively, you could go to a family-friendly hotel with kids’ excursions. That way, you can have a whole day for just the two of you. I know it’s difficult but you need a holiday to be it from work or the daily rituals involved with being a stay at home parent. I hope this helps and above all, enjoy yourselves. ]]>

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