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The Best Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Achievements

Being a good parent means a lot of different things to different people; most of all, it features spending plenty of quality time with them, using many words of affirmation, and making sure your kids know just how much you love and are proud of them. This ensures your child knows you’re a safe base, and always feels supported by you, and grows up with a lot more confidence and self esteem in their heart. 

But sometimes, it can feel hard to truly get the message across to your child, especially as they get older and older. One day you might find it impossible to talk to your teen, for example, and as a result, you’ll need to find other ways to show them how proud you are of their achievements. So, let’s go through some great examples below. 

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Leave Plenty of Visual Clues

If you’re proud of them, show it! As a result, one of the best things to do is leave some solid, concrete proof around the house that your child can see. Little notes on their lunchbox or the fridge just to remind them you love them, framing the pictures they draw and hanging them on the walls, and even investing in some quality certificate frames whenever they win a competition or bring home merits from school. These are just little but highly appreciated ways to show your kid you’re proud of them and what they do, and the feeling will be returned tenfold! 

Make Sure You’re There, No Matter What

You’re also going to need to show just as much love and support during times when your child fails, or doesn’t go as far as they were hoping to, to ensure the way you show your love and pride is completely unconditional. Handing out hugs and supportive talks when they really need them, and reminding them that their best is always enough, are both little but amazing ways to be there for your child. Indeed, just letting them talk about their relative disappointment, and just being there to listen, can go a long way to making them feel close to and supported by you. 

Be Sure to Tell Them You’re Proud! 

And finally, there’s nothing quite like a quick, ‘I’m proud of you’ to really drive the message home. After all, the way you talk to your child is the way they talk to themselves. Sure, your child might grimace and pretend to ‘cringe’, but inside, they’re really loving and appreciating what you’re saying to them. Actions speak louder than words, yes, but that doesn’t mean words should be forgotten about – especially if your child loves talking to you; it’s clearly how they show affection and involvement in your life, so show it in return! 

Celebrating your child’s achievements, and really being proud of them whenever you get the opportunity to be, are essential parts of being a good parent. Simply put, make sure your child knows how you feel about them! 

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