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Childcare and the Road Back to Work with ChildCare.co.uk

When the moment arrives to go back to work after your child is born, there is nothing that will prepare you for the heart-wrenching moment you no longer have your baby with you 24/7. This is something that I was dreading for a long time before it happened but what’s worse is the fact that you may not be the only one to have to leave for work. Rachel and I were both working professionals just before Dorothy entered this world kicking and screaming. We were both working crazy hours from 7am to 7pm most days and there were very few options for us to choose from. One was Nursery, the other a Childminder and of course Rachel or I to leave work and take care of her full time. [caption id="attachment_16612" align="aligncenter" width="850"] Recovering from PND[/caption] With Mrs P’s Post Natal Depression following the birth of Dorothy, my long and every changing hours and days of working away plus the cost of childcare for these were through the roof. It was also very unmanageable as we couldn’t predict when and who could do the pickups. We opted for Rachel to raise Dorothy and of course be at home for Beth which was definitely the right move for us at the time. A good balance of losing money but gaining that parental education, bonding and love. [caption id="attachment_16611" align="aligncenter" width="850"] Our growing funny, talented, clever, kind and beautiful girl.[/caption] But now, at 2 and a bit, it’s probably time we had a look at childcare so either Rachel can go back to work or, spend some time on herself to further aid her recovery from PND. We’ve been looking at ways to find a childminder or nursery but as someone that writes online, I know that good SEO will mean any search will show me the best childminders based on how good their website guy and content is. I’d prefer to look for one that’s been recommended or reviewed. This is where Childcare.co.uk is possibly the answer to our question as it provides a real option for those looking for any childcare in the UK. Looking at the site to start with it seems very childlike and for me being a corporate dad, I like clean cut professional looking websites. It wasn’t until I dig deeper that I realised how powerful this site really is. It’s not only a way to search for a childminder, babysitter, au Pair, Nurdery, Private Midwive, Nursery Nurse, Private Tutor or school, it’s also a great archive to find out more information around things like payment, definitions and how to make the right choice. I always say that with something so personal, the gut will help you make the right choice but knowing that there’s a childminder with up to date qualifications, fantastic reviews and a profile about them makes the decision easier and more informed. The next stage is coming up in our child’s development and we’ll be looking at a Nursery. I would have said before Dorothy that the closest one would have been the best but understanding her needs and the way we’re educating I don’t think that’s so any more. What a selection to really filter down the results.

I feel that everyone really does have their own way of parenting and that’s how it should be. Advice, blogs and books are there to guide and support you in making your own decision. But it’s better to make an informed decision that one that’s not.
Thanks for reading, my new role starts soon and we’ll definitely be using the site to choose a nursery or childminder that can give Dorothy the same attention that we do.

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