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What's your Parenting Personality?

So with a name like Corporate Dad, in’s about time I bring a bit of the working world into the parenting one and mix these two bad boys together! There are a number of different techniques to find out what type of team player/personality you are. Belbin – Situational questions are used to define your role in a team.

Team Role is defined as “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.” For a team to be successful it needs to have access to each of the 9 Belbin Team Roles.

Myers Briggs – Personality based quiz which gives you letters in a specific order to highlight strongest strengths and potential weaknesses. So here’s the thing. Does your corporate personality match that or your parenting styles and should new parents go through a test like the ones above, to highlight any potential areas of weakness? If Belbin states that a successful team needs all 9 roles and there’s only two of you, stressed, tired and in a very emotional state, how can we possibly cope? Searching the web I’ve found a free test which I’ll embed below, hopefully. So here’s my results from the Test! Parenting personality test So as you can see, I’m fairly balanced with a slight lean towards being extraverted but also being a planner rather than acting on emotions. Using this, I can see lots of myself in the results.

Famous ESTP-A Celebrities include:

Winston Churchill, JFK, Malcolm X and Al Capone. Now that would be an interesting dinner party.
I’m sure if Mrs P took the same test, we’ll be mirror images of each other, that’s why we work so well!

So what’s your personality type, and how does it effect the type of parent you’ll be?

Try for yourself and let me know in the comments below: