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Top Tips to Ban the Flu this Christmas!

Year on year, my family and I have unwanted guests in our house and enough is enough! (No it’s not you) We’ve been ill for too many Christmases and this year we’ve all been under the weather earlier in December so fingers crossed we can stay the course for Sprout o clock. If you are unwell, coughing spluttering or feel like you may have a temperature, please tell your guests first before turning up and spraying everywhere like a Dad with creosote in the summer. If it’s too late, like it is for us, here’s a few tips to help stave off or prevent holiday bugs! You need everyone to eat healthily You might be surprised to know that a poor diet puts you at higher risk of catching the flu. It can lower your immune system which means you are likely to pick up germs which will lead to flu. Therefore, it’s so important that your whole family is consuming a healthy diet. You need them to have plenty of fruits and vegetables which can provide the essential nutrients to ensure your family stays away from flu. Also, your family needs to consume whole grains and healthy fats which contain antioxidants which can boost your immune system. Ensure you stay warm in the workplace It’s also important that you protect yourself at your place of work. You don’t want to pick up germs that you then pass on to your family. Therefore, wrap up warm so that you stay the right temperature when you are at work. And make sure you deal with any heating issues that occur at work. After all, a cold workplace will put you at higher risk. Therefore, talk to the boss about getting the heating back on track. And if you are the boss, you can find many heating solutions online to ensure your work area stays warm during the winter season. And remember to keep your home well heated too. Warn kids to wash their hands at school For a lot of kids, they tend to pick up flu germs at school. After all, they might share stationary with another pupil who has the germ. And so many kids don’t wash their hands at school so they might touch their eyes or mouth with the germs on their hands. Therefore, to ensure they avoid picking up the flu bug, encourage them to wash their hands after sharing items. And make sure they wash their hands after going to the toilet too. You could even consider putting a small bottle of hand sanitizer in their bag. That way, they can clean their hands quickly! Ensure everyone gets enough sleep It’s also vital that your whole family is getting plenty of sleep if you want to stay away from the flu. It hasn’t been easy with Dorothy but getting forty winks is essential to boost your immune function so that you have the strength to fight the flu germs. Therefore, make sure everyone is heading to bed early during the winter months. And if you are struggling to get enough sleep you can read my previous blog for some help. And you need to keep the whole family wrapped up this season to ensure they avoid the flu. Therefore, kit everyone out with coats to stay warm when you are out and about.]]>

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