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A Valentines Gift from the Children

There is nothing sweeter as a surprise by giving a gift from the love of their life on Valentine’s Day. But here’s the catch – although you probably already know it – if you have children, the bambinos are so get creative! If your children are old enough, they can come up with some gift ideas of their own (you may have to supply the money to fund it, though). Afternoons can be spent busily crafting cards to give you some peace and quiet for a short while, and you can bet that the card that they have created will be worth so much more to your partner than anything you could have bought from a shop. There are so many things on the market and online that sometimes it can be a blessing if you have a clear path to follow in knowing exactly what you want to get. However, if your children aren’t old enough, or you’re struggling for ideas on what to get, here are some handy suggestions… Kodak Moments A beloved picture of the family or just the children themselves will never have a nose turned up at it. You could make it even more personal by adding in mementos – for example, if you purchase a box frame, dried petals from the first flower that their child picked for them scattered at the bottom would make a beautiful and sentimental keepsake. You could even be frugal and make the picture frame yourself; cut out some cardboard in a frame-shape around the photo, have the children do painted handprints, cut out the handprints and stick around the cardboard frame. Voila! It’s no Van Gogh but it will be worth just as much. Smell the Roses A bunch of flowers will almost always go down a treat, especially ones that have been picked especially by a child. Children have a fun innocence to them that can’t be bottled, so if the bunch of flowers looks a bit flimsy or in disarray to you, it may look absolutely amazing to them – and this will show on their face. It’s the pure look of joy that will be the gift to your partner – the flowers will come later. Go wild with the children, but not too wild. Remember there are some protected species like Bluebells! The Sense of Scent Perfume is an amazing gift to give for more reasons than one. Did you know that scent is the most powerful sense that you have to bring back memories? Think to a time when you have sniffed something and instantly been thrown back to the day or time that you last experienced that smell. It’s weird, but it’s a good thing to know – if you head to a perfumery such as  thefragranceshop and take a look around, there will always be somebody on hand to tell you what you need to know about the right choice to go for. If your children are old enough, let them go through the smells and pick one that they feel is perfect! They’ll always associate that smell with that day and it’ll put a smile on there face when it’s worn.]]>

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