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Finding Time for the Personal Touch in a Sales-Driven World

In the fast-paced world of business, it’s difficult to stop the mantra of “sell, sell, sell” from running through your head. Sales are hugely important to many businesses for generating revenue, but there are many different ways of selling. There’s the hard sell, which will work for some customers but put off others, and then there’s the long-term relationship approach. The latter involves treating each customer as a valued human being, emphasising the way in which your business cares for them outside of the financial benefit than can supply you with. Although finding the time for the personal touch can be a challenge, it is likely to pay off for your organisation in the long-term. Data is your friend It’s all well and good trying to come across as personable and friendly as part of your approach to business, but how exactly do you do that? Data can tell you a lot about your customers and can be used to demonstrate that you genuinely care about their interests, but be careful you don’t overstep the mark. Asking your customer how their pet dog is coming along after its recent surgery is likely to come across as creepy, rather than kind. So, make sure you pick which data to use and which to leave untapped. If you’re not sure you have the ability to use data effectively just yet, then an outside agency might be able to help. Companies like PRWD can provide user research to give you detailed insights about your customers, which you can use to offer them personalised services that demonstrate that they are more than just a number on a page for your business. Send them where they want to go If you’re sending out links to customers asking them to visit your site, don’t just direct them to a generic landing page. This approach is likely to see customers leave within seconds and find their way to a competitor. If you’re sending your customer marketing material based on their likes and past behaviour, then make sure you direct them to the part of your site that is of interest to them. That way you are more likely to convert interest into sales. The friendly, face-to-face approach Even with all the changes that have occurred to the business world as a result of digital technologies, one thing remains true: people prefer to do business with people rather than companies. This means that if you can, avoid automated phone calls and customer support chat-bots in favour of the human approach. Even something as simple as including headshots of employees on your website or email marketing could make a big difference. Reward loyalty If you’ve built up a long-term relationship with a customer, then they’ll appreciate it if you reward their loyalty. Send them a thank you on the anniversary of their first purchase or interaction with your brand and offer them a promotion of some kind. The gift will cost your business hardly anything but it will cement the relationship with the customer, hopefully, for many more years to come.]]>

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