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Startups: Here's How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Running your own business means that you have a lot on your mind at all times. Just when everything seems to be going great, something takes a turn for the worse, and you’re back to worrying and wondering how far your business will be able to make it. While small business owners have it tough these days, you can, luckily, still make it a bit easier on yourself by learning where the biggest pitfalls hide.

It doesn’t mean that nothing will go wrong with your business as long as you avoid them, however, as the market can be unpredictable. By steering clear of the most common reasons startups fail, you might be able to make it past the first important five years at least – and hopefully for many more years to come.
Running out of money
The financial problems of startups are many, and it doesn’t stop with the simple fact that many small business owners struggle with managing their budget. They overspend to get their business up on its feet as soon as possible, and it makes it so much easier to fall behind before you’ve even opened the doors.
Keep an eye on your figures and work hard to stay on top of them; the last thing a small business need is an ocean of debt they have to work through. Consider hiring an accountant, for example, even if it costs you a bit of money – at least they’ll be able to make sure you’re not falling behind on those payments before your time.
A proper accounting software is another good idea if you can’t afford an accountant, so have a look at this list and find one that works for your company.
Late payments are another financial problem for startups and it’s one that’s hard to beat sometimes. Some people simply don’t pay on time or they never pay at all – and your business will suffer from it.
When your clients are late with payments, it affects the whole process of your business as you’ll be late with your own payments because of them, so they slow everything down. If you’re struggling with late payments already, it’s time to take back control. Make sure that you have a proper program installed to handle all of your payments and don’t let any clients mess you around by being late.
Before you get started, remember to read up on everything that’s new such as mtd for vat in order to give your business the best possible start. Talk to a professional if it should get too much; it’s good for your business and your stress levels.
Not managing the business properly
Startup owners find themselves in the strange position of having to allow other people to manage their valuable business. It makes sense when you think about it; all the time you’ve spent building it, pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into getting it on its feet – and now you’re just supposed to let other people take care of it?
The problem for many small businesses is that their owners are reluctant to expand the team. Instead of just hiring more people to help out, they try to maintain the control themselves and wear all sorts of hats throughout the day. Needless to say, it’s not going to build your business as the problems tend to pile up quite fast.
When you understand that you need a great team behind you to help with the management tasks, you’ve already understood something many business owners struggle to comprehend when they’re first starting up. It’s either because they don’t agree or because they simply don’t want to – either way, it’s bad for business and you should try to get it right while your business is still relatively small.
By not getting this right, these business owners will often end up spending a lot of time on other areas when they could have established a long strategy for the business, formulates small-term goals, and kept an eye on how the processes are running instead of focusing on the less important tasks which could have been handled by others.
If you manage to get this right, you’re going to be in a much better position in terms of making it past the first five years. It won’t be easy and you might run into a few hiccups along the way – but at least you’ll be prepared for them.

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