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Spending time to yourself as a Dad

Once you have kids a Dad tends to lose a lot of things. He tends to lose his style, the ability to deal with hangovers, time with the wife and the biggest thing he loses though is his spare time. He loses the ability to go and out and do things he could have done without a second thought before because spare time is now shared with your partner as you’ll need to divide your time around being with your young one. Despite all of this, you both should still always find some time to yourselves where possible. It’s not just the kids that deserve a play time, you do too. If you are a dad then you you should ensure that you find time to partake in your favourite hobbies and pastimes. Even though you are the backbone of your young family you should take heed of a piece of advice that every dad needs to know: is it essential that you retain your sense of individuality. You are still an individual, and it is important that you don’t lose your sense of it. If you do you might find yourself slipping into feelings of unrest, which you might even start blaming your family for. Because of this it’s healthy to take time for yourself and it is most certainly not wrong to do so. But when it comes to setting aside time for yourself, you need to make sure that it is in a worthwhile way because the chance may not come around again soon. For instance, if you’re a motorsports fan, why not save all of those days up and go the whole hog and book yourself a Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix race and hospitality ticket? Make it an amazing time as you’ll not get one again soon. If you’re a fan of the theatre, why not head over to the West End of London and take a theatre break? If you enjoy a nice glass of wine, why limit yourself to your local supermarket’s finest selection? Why not book yourself a wine tasting experience? The point is, you need to do what you love. But opportunities to do these things may be few and far between, which is why you should go all out when you are afforded a break. In doing so you afford yourself the best opportunity to retain your sense of you. I’ve recently found walking as a past time that I really like. At the moment after walking 120 miles, I’m liking it less and less but it’s been my release when I have an hour. It is important to allow the other half the time she deserves to recuperate. She’s the one who carried your son or daughter, after all. She’s the one who gave birth to them and went through all that pain. So ensure she has the time to herself to be an individual, a wife and a lover but this doesn’t mean you should allow for yourself to not have some time. The secret to a happy relationship is to treat each other fairly, without contempt through thick and thin. But remember who you are and let both of you be the person you fell in love with. ]]>

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